Kellogg in the News

Crain’s Chicago Business

Has co-working jumped the shark in Chicago? – 11/08/14
Quotes Professor William Bennett, who runs co-working space Level and said, “Our goal is not to outsource for larger companies. But when I talk to them, it sounds like a lot of them are trying to figure out how to be more creative and attract more vibrant groups of employees.”

Chicago Tribune

Risky bonds prove costly for Chicago Public Schools – 11/07/14
Quotes Chair of the Finance Department Kathleen Hagerty, who said, “There's always a reason why these deals offer cheaper rates. The investment banks are smart, and they aren't doing you any favors."

Harvard Business Review

Research: How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top – 11/06/14
Article quotes Dean Sally Blount, who said, “If we want our best and brightest young women to become great leaders…we have to convince more of them that … they should be going for the big jobs.”


A Reasonable Energy Plan to Keep the Economy Humming – 11/05/14
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin argues for an energy plan with increased transparency, better monitoring of methane emissions and infrastructure investment.

Chicago Tribune

Why Google Express delivers and how WeDeliver received the news – 11/05/14
Quotes Professor Antonio Moreno-Garcia, who said that Google needed to get into the delivery business if it wanted to compete with Amazon, which is moving aggressively into same-day delivery.

The Huffington Post

A Skyscraper-Sized Risk for Chicago – 11/05/14
Article by Professor Tim Calkins argues that traditional advertising is not as impactful as a compelling event and that by embracing Wallenda’s stunt, Chicago’s leaders enhanced the city’s reputation.

The Wall Street Journal

Big Data Gets Master Treatment at B-Schools – 11/05/14
Article reports that interest in one-year master’s programs in business analytics is increasing, prompting at least five business schools to roll out stand-alone programs in the past two years. Quotes Professor Florian Zettelmeyer, who said that Kellogg doesn’t plan to offer a stand-alone business analytics degree.


Growing pains may loom for Alibaba: Expert – 11/04/14
Interview with Professor Mohan Sawhney, who said, “Growth is very seductive because there are so many opportunities before Alibaba. They've got a stock that is very valuable currency, and they've got their eyes on the global prize.”


Ex-French Minister Montebourg Goes Back to School for Business – 11/03/14

Article reports that Montebourg will attend Insead and mentions the school’s partnership with Kellogg.

Crain’s Chicago Business

How this Kellogg School prof would fix McDonald's – 11/03/14
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that McDonald's needs to “really be clear in defining the target customer. It just can't be everybody. That's not the way brands work.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

What's next for Peak6's husband-and-wife founders? – 11/03/14
Quotes Professor David Stowell, who said that to form Peak6, Mr. Hulsizer and Ms. Just followed the O'Connor playbook, except on a much bigger scale, with hundreds of employees.


Best Business Books 2014—Strategy – 11/03/14
Reviewer of Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and Professor Mohan Sawhney’s book Fewer, Bigger, Bolder says, “The authors present a useful series of ideas to explore in assessing your company’s performance and prospects.”

The Street

Herb Greenberg on Stocks: How Starbucks Is Caffeinating Its Game – 11/03/14
Article examines Starbucks’s continuous reinvention and mentions Professor Lloyd Shefsky’s book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.

The Wall Street Journal

What College Can Teach the Aspiring Entrepreneur – 11/03/14
Article quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said that undergraduate students can use summer internships to explore different parts of the business cycle. Also quotes Professor Michael Marasco, who said that non-business courses also build skills useful to entrepreneurs.


Why Entrepreneurs Don't Need New Ideas—They Need Problem-Solving Skills – 11/01/14
Article by Professor Linda Darragh argues that entrepreneurs find success by finding a solution to a problem, then following the Discover, Test, Launch process.

Family Business

When it’s best not to resolve family discord – 11/01/14
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky argues that, in certain cases, trying to improve bad family business relationships is counterproductive, and everyone would be better off if no such attempts were made.

The New York Times

That Devil on Your Shoulder Likes to Sleep In – 11/01/14
Article reports on research by Professor Maryam Kouchaki that found that a person’s ability to self-regulate declines as the day wears on, increasing the likelihood of cheating, lying or committing fraud.

Washington Post

Why baby boomers are an important part of technology’s future – 10/31/14
Article cites research by Professor Ben Jones that found that the average age of innovators is steadily rising, with the average age of greatest achievement for Nobel Prize winners and great tech inventors having increased six years to 45.


What Was He Thinking? Royals Manager Plays It His Way, Some Say Shrewdly – 10/30/14
Quotes Professor Keith Murnighan, who said the criticism of the Royals manager is similar to that surrounding JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s CEO. Both have “gotten a lot of grief” but also built successful organizations.


Brainwriting: How to Neutralize the Loudmouths – 10/30/14
Video interview with Professor Leigh Thompson, who explains the process of brainwriting and how it is more effective than generating ideas orally.