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Big Data Study: Is It Really A Business School Essential? – 02/12/15
Quotes Professor Florian Zettelmeyer, who believes data analytics should be taught in every business school, “as intensively as today maybe we are teaching marketing or we teach finance.” And working executives “need to get themselves up to speed really fast. it’s absolutely crucial.”


How Active (Not Activist) Investors Create Real Value – 02/11/15
Citing content from her Brave Leader discussion with Jeff Ubben, article by Dean Sally Blount argues that not all active investors are activists. Active investors focus on a certain type of company, become experts on their business models and are willing to wait longer for returns.

Upstart Business Journal

The reinventors: They re-did it their way – 02/11/15
Quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who said that it is simpler at times for outsiders like Uber to do something creative in an old business than it is for “stuck in the mud” companies.

Chicago Tribune

Hospital mergers continued to create larger systems in 2014 – 02/10/15
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that merging can help hospitals gain more market clout to negotiate better rates from insurers, but when rival hospital systems in close proximity merge, patients are hurt when they raise prices.

CBS Chicago

Business Management Coach In Chicago Emphasizes Soft Skills – 02/08/15
Profile of Professor Brenda Ellington-Booth who says, "...what really distinguishes people is their ability to get along with other people, and manage and motivate other people.”

The New York Times

In Defense of Tinder – 02/06/15
Op-ed by Professor Eli Finkel argues that with Tinder, online dating is capitalizing on its strength — an expanded dating pool — and then accelerating the process of actually meeting someone.


Shilling for Suburbia: How a cheesy family that raps became this season’s marketing meme – 02/05/15
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said, “There’s clearly something here that the average suburbanite finds funny and that companies think they can leverage right now.”


Uber uses Internet’s foolproof weapon to battle bad PR – 02/05/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that Uber is taking its criticism seriously and needs to address its problems with a mixture of programs, policies and promotions.


Would You Hire the Super Bowl Hero? – 02/03/15
Article cites research by Professor Lauren Rivera that found that elite investment banks, law firms and management consulting firms often hire almost exclusively from a handful of schools. Also appeared in Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Tribune

The 'very simple question' that impact investors should ask – 02/03/15
Article recaps an event on sustainable investing at 1871 that was co-hosted by KelloggBooth and the MacArthur Foundation. Standardizing measurements in impact investing will be essential to the longevity of the field, said one event speaker. Researchers and industry leaders are working toward that, but in the meantime, the smartest thing investors can do is simply ask how their money will be used.


7 Winning Tips For Marketers From the Super Bowl Ads – 02/03/15
Article includes Professor Derek Rucker’s marketing advice, including to remember the audience and be sparing with celebrities.

Poets & Quants

Guess Who Really Won The Super Bowl? Coca-Cola & McDonalds – 02/03/15
Article reports on Kellogg’s Super Bowl Advertising Review. Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said that the ADPLAN framework “captures something true on how people process information and why they respond to brand.”

Business Insider

Super Bowl ads were unusually depressing this year – 02/02/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “The Super Bowl reflects what's happening in the country. Maybe in the country today we're a little more reflective and a little more pensive." Story by AP.


Did the Super Bowl ads fumble their game? – 02/02/15
Article includes results from Kellogg’s Super Bowl Advertising Review. Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that the Squarespace ad “did not link in a clear fashion to the overall brand benefit or its current marketing campaign.”

Chicago Tribune

Healthtech, the Matter incubator and an appeal to 'redesign' death – 02/02/15
Quotes Professor David Schonthal, cofounder of Matter, who said, “Matter is a place that you should come when you want to stop complaining about what’s broken in health care and start doing something about it.”


Coke, Budweiser win as Super Bowl ad battle gets serious – 02/02/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that the Super Bowl might be the wrong time for “a very disturbing piece of advertising” like the Nationwide ad. Story by Reuters.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Strong Super Bowl ad showing for McDonald's, local brands – 02/02/15
Article reports the results of Kellogg’s Super Bowl Advertising Review. Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that McDonald’s ad was “entertaining and it broke through the clutter.”


Are Things Finally Looking Up For McDonald's? – 02/02/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that McDonald’s ad “was a charming spot, the branding was very strong and it said something notable about McDonald’s, making people feel great about the company.”


Unnecessary Roughness? 2015 Super Bowl Ads Pull At Heartstrings – 02/02/15
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said, “There was less of your funny, humorous, in-your-face advertising [in this game], and clearly a lot more emotional advertising.”

Huffington Post

GoDaddy and High Speed Marketing – 02/02/15
Article by Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker discusses why companies must listen to discussion about their brands in the digital world, monitor the broader environment and understand what their brands represent.