Kellogg in the News

Chicago Tribune

Chicago priest works with Spanish-language media during Pope Francis’ visit – 09/22/15

Article profiles Rev. Manuel Dorantes, a recent Kellogg graduate, who is serving as the voice of the Vatican for Spanish-language media during the Pope’s U.S. visit. CNBC also covered this topic. 

Poets & Quants

Schools Succeed In Attracting More Women – 09/22/15

Article reports that b-schools have increased the number of women in the applicant pool over the last five years, according to the newly-released GMAC 2015 Application Trends Survey. This year record numbers of women enrolled in MBA programs at Kellogg, Booth and Wharton. These increases are likely the result of targeted outreach efforts like the one led by Dean Sally Blount. Mentions Betsy Ziegler, associate dean of MBA programs, and Kate Smith, assistant dean of admissions.


What Cuba’s new wave of entrepreneurs need to know – 09/19/15
Article by Professor Russell Walker highlights the importance of importation and access to capital for many Cuban entrepreneurs.

New York Times

After the Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh Shows He Has a Head for Business – 09/19/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “You can’t plan over the long run to rely on the connection back to the band to sustain the venue. You’ve got to create a new, distinct brand that’s going to stand for its own thing.”

Chicago Tribune

Toxic workers a drain on the bottom line, but you can spot them, study says – 09/18/15
Article reports on research by Professor Dylan Minor that found that while a superstar employee who performs in the top 1 percent saves a company about $5,300 annually, replacing a toxic worker with an average one saves about $12,800.

Chicago Tribune

Peet’s Coffee enters all-day breakfast competition – 09/18/15
Quotes Professor Ned Smith on the topic of Peet’s Coffee launching all-day breakfast options throughout Chicago and planning to expand through other markets.


The Candidates' Brands: What Are 'Consumers' Thinking So Far? – 09/18/15
Article written by Professor Julie Hennessy discusses how consumers are currently thinking about the “brands” of presidential candidates.

The Washington Post

Americans see Muslims as less than human. No wonder Ahmed was arrested – 09/18/15
Article written by Professor Nour Kteily discusses his research showing that Muslims are the most readily dehumanized group, associated with less sympathy and more aggression.

Harvard Business Review

How to Spot Hidden Opportunities for Sales Growth – 09/17/15
Article written by Professor Andris Zoltners gives examples of companies that found areas of sales growth by looking at differences in performance, sales activity, and market potential across different pieces of their business.

Poets & Quants

Reaching Out Grants 22 MBA Fellowships – 09/17/15
This article features Reaching Out Fellow and Kellogg first-year student Jeff Lindquist, who found an inclusive LGBT community at Northwestern.

The Wall Street Journal

Let’s Bring Higher Education Out of the Middle Ages – 09/17/15
Article written by Professor Cesare Mainardi discusses three ways for universities to become more collaborative and better prepare graduates to lead.

The New York Times

The Travel Jacket Geeks Adore – 09/16/15
Article notes that Hiral Sanghavi was studying at Kellogg when he created his 15-in-1 BauBax travel jacket ("a 'Swiss army knife' of travel clothing").

Chicago Tribune

Motorola Solutions moving headquarters, 800 jobs to Chicago – 09/15/15
In light of Motorola's headquarters move from Schaumburg to Chicago, Professor Willemien Kets discusses the continuing trend of companies moving their HQs near young millennial talent.

Fast Company

In Defense of the Middleman – 09/15/15
This article cites research by Professor Daniel Spulber about the contributions of middlemen to GDP. A decade later, middlemen are more prevalent than ever, despite predictions of their extinction.

Clear Admit

How to Live a Good Life Takes Center Stage During Kellogg Orientation – 09/10/15
This article features the “Good Life Sessions" at Kellogg, which help students create a game plan for leading fulfilling, balanced lives in tandem with successful careers. Includes interviews with Professor Paul Corona and the session co-founders, student Rohan Rajiv and alumna Lexie Smith.

Huffington Post

5 Insights For Introverts Who Want To Thrive In The Workplace – 09/10/15
This article cites Professor Leigh Thompson’s research, which says that three people typically do 70% of the talking in a typical six- to eight-person meeting.


For Biggest Results, Focus On The Struggle – 09/10/15
This article written by Professor David Schonthal focuses on how to tackle business struggles in a way that breeds innovation.


Why accelerators are getting hotter than B school – 09/09/15
This article takes a look at increasingly popular accelerator programs and quotes Professor Linda Darragh on Kellogg's Zell Scholars program, which gives $10K in seed funding to 10 MBA candidates each year.


Status: Why It Matters, How To Get It And How To Keep It – 09/09/15
In this article Professor Ned Smith studies the performance-related consequences of status in sports.


Monetizing Big Data For Big Profits: It Takes More Than Algorithms – 09/09/15
This article includes an excerpt from Professor Russell Walker's new book, From Big Data to Big Profits: Success with Data and Analytics. It provides four tips on how to monetize Big Data in the digital economy.