Kellogg in the News


Lane Bryant’s powerful body positive campaign is making Victoria’s Secret look outdated – 04/08/15
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how Lane Bryant is making it easy for consumers to understand what makes them special with their new body positive campaign, in the same way that Apple targeted Microsoft and rental car company Avis targeted Hertz.

Financial Times

Strategy development – 04/07/15

Article is written by student Merih Ocbazghi who talks about the importance of developing a strategy to focus his energy on the important things that will make his remaining time at Kellogg worthwhile: developing deeper and stronger connections with the people. 

New York Times

Can You Learn to Lead? – 04/07/15

Article comments on whether students can really learn to lead at b-schools, and mentions Kellogg along with other M7 schools regarding how much the schools talk about the word “leadership” in their branding. 

Poets & Quants

Getting The Most From Your First Year – 04/04/15

Article quotes Rohan Rajiv, a first-year Kellogg student, on advice to incoming b-school students.


The discrimination debate: Why it hurt Starbucks, but worked for Apple – 04/03/15
Article written by Professor Nicholas Pearce notes that although some argue that controversial social issues are not the business of businesses, research has shown that companies can be prime platforms for catalyzing contentious social change.

Chicago Tribune

Say Cheez-It: How a new snack got my full attention – 04/02/15
Article quotes Professor Derek Rucker on a surprise product pitch received by a Tribune reporter: a mosaic of her Twitter profile picture recreated by Cheez-It pieces. Rucker says that this novel way of grabbing attention often times leads to interest to share or discuss because of the element of surprise.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Henikoff, Achler close $28 million venture fund – 04/02/15
Article features Lecturers Troy Henikoff and Mark Achler and MATH Venture Partners, the venture fund that the duo created, and announced the close of the $28 million fund. The fund will be used to contribute to seed and Series A funding rounds for early and mid stage digital tech companies. Chicago Tribune also covered the story.

Chicago Tribune

McDonald's raising its minimum wage, but some say it's not enough – 04/01/15
Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how the McDonald’s plan to raise starting wages by $1 above the local minimum at select restaurants helps polish the brand’s image, because happy employees are more likely to deliver great service and drive growth.

Financial Times

Review: Confronting Capitalism, by Philip Kotler – 04/01/15
Article reviews the book Confronting Capitalism by Professor Philip Kotler, who authored Marketing Management and is also a classically trained economist. He questions capitalism’s flaws and shares his view on capitalism in his new book.

Harvard Business Review

Getting Beyond “Show Me the Money”: An Interview with Andris Zoltners – 04/01/15
Q&A with Professor Andris Zoltners about why companies rely too heavily on compensation systems to drive results, why field managers are the key to a high-performing sales force and what’s changed over the years he’s spent watching the field.

Harvard Business Review

How Consumers Understand (and Misunderstand) Pricing Cues – 04/01/15
Article reports on a study by Professor Alexander Chernev that describes three signals retailers need to understand and manage in order to avoid sending incorrect cues: high volume equals low cost, frills equals high cost and unconventional products equals high cost.

Harvard Health Publications

Everywhere, hospitals are merging — but why should you care? – 04/01/15
Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny regarding hospitals merging all across America. Dafny believes that there is too much market power concentrated in the hands of too few large providers.


American Entrepreneurship Is Actually Vanishing. Here's Why – 04/01/15
Article looks at the decline of entrepreneurship and startup creation in America but notes that millennials are primed for entrepreneurship. An informal Inc. survey of top business schools showed that interest in entrepreneurship programs are steady and in some cases growing substantially, and specifically calls out that enrollment in Kellogg entrepreneurship courses has more than doubled from 2011 to 2014.

USA Today

Bill Simmons Was the Subject of a Graduate Business School Case Study at Northwestern – 04/01/15
Article quotes Professor Brayden King, who authored a case study on Bill Simmons and his time at ESPN, and describes the class discussion that took place about the case during the Power in Organizations: Sources, Strategies, and Skills course.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Mesirow CEO re-ups for five more years – 03/31/15
Article quotes Professor David Stowell on Mesirow Financial Holdings Chairman and CEO Richard Price being around for another five years at the age of 67 as the company tries to find his successor, and says although unusual, it’s not unprecedented.

WGN Radio

Wintrust Business Lunch 3/30/15: Frank Sennett, Amy Guth and Loran Nordgren on brainstorming – 03/31/15
WGN Radio speaks to Professor Loran Nordgren about the brainstorming app Candor and his views on why brainstorming doesn't really work.

Chicago Tribune

Economist Innovation Forum tackles disruption among dinosaurs – 03/26/15
Article quotes Professor Robert Wolcott, who served as a panelist discussing the current state of disruption in The Economist’s Innovation Forum in Chicago. There can be drawbacks in being too quick to release a new product or service because it's likely that the first idea is not your best idea, he said.

Chicago Tribune

Executives' Club event: Divvy, Uber, 'brat kicking' and disruption – 03/26/15
Article notes a panel moderated by Lecturer Dean DeBiase: “The Sharing Economy: Rise of the Collaborative Consumer,” at The Executives' Club of Chicago's Leadership Circle Program at Mesirow Financial. Panelists discussed the roles that disruption and crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter play in the sharing economy.


A flagging model – 03/26/15
Article quotes Professor Lauren Rivera on the hiring biases inherent in elite firms. “Evaluators relied so intensely on ‘school’ as a criterion of evaluation not because they believed that the content of elite curricula better prepared students for life in their firms…but because of the perceived rigor of the admissions process,” she said.


Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel – 03/24/15
Video interview includes a segment with Professor David Dranove on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. A subscription to HBO Go is needed to access the content.