Kellogg in the News


What Entrepreneurs Get Wrong About Funding – 11/14/15
Professor Linda Darragh writes that when choosing where to locate a startup for funding, incubators and expertise, the default answer should not be Silicon Valley, but "where's my customer?"


What Starbucks' Red Cup Controversy Says About American Consumers – 11/14/15
In light of Starbucks' red cup controversy, Professor Tim Calkins gives four takeaways about brand management in the digital world.


This is What Mizzou Can Do to Avoid Another Diversity Disaster – 11/14/15
Article by Professor Ned Smith cites his research identifying several common “failure points” of diversity, or reasons why groups, teams, and organizations are sometimes unable to experience the benefits of diversity among their workforce.

Chicago Tribune

What do millennials, Gen Xers, boomers share? Leadership values – 11/13/15
Article quotes Professor Nicholas Pearce on how the country’s shift to a knowledge-based economy has led to a rise in a more engaging and committed leadership.

Chicago Tribune

Target, Nordstrom diverge on ugly holiday sweater controversies – 11/13/15
In the midst of ugly-sweater controversies at Nordstrom and Target, Professor Tim Calkins is quoted explaining that the respective responses may have less to do with the products than the retailers’ tolerances for controversy.

Chicago Tribune

Woo-hoo! Rising positivity among Chicago's workers – 11/13/15
Article quotes Professor Dylan Minor on how companies are increasingly interested in creating a more positive and employee-centric environment.

Harvard Business Review

There’s No One System for Paying Your Global Sales Force – 11/13/15
Article by Professor Andris Zoltners examines the factors to consider in developing plans to pay salespeople globally.


The promise and problems of drug-finding apps – 11/12/15
Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on the potential financial burden of mobile apps that offer consumers retail discounts and coupons from drug makers.


What the Presidential Candidates Are Failing to Address About CEO Pay – 11/11/15
Article written by Professor Philip Kotler comments on the recent Republican debate and how candidates did not really address the problem of CEO pay.


It's beginning to look a lot like markdowns – 11/11/15
Article quotes Professor Alexander Chernev on how holiday season sales represent a significant challenge for department stores.


Are Women Competitive Enough to Get Good Salaries? – 11/10/15
Article reports on a study co-authored by Professor Paola Sapienza, which shows that women who graduated from Booth start out earning $26,000 less than men; over time they choose to work in low-paying industries.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Here's what a hackathon can't do for your startup – 11/10/15
Article written by Professor Linda Darragh discusses the limited benefits of hackathons, saying that ultimately the investment of time is what puts companies on a faster track to success.


42 Sure-Fire Signs That You Have a Brand Awareness Problem – 11/04/15
Article compiles perspective from experts on how you know you have a branding awareness problem. Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, whose answer is, “You have to spell out your brand name every time you give someone your address or website.”

The Wall Street Journal

M.B.A.s Get Lessons in Income Inequality – 11/04/15
Article reports on b-schools teaching the topic of income inequality, quoting Professor David Besanko on his course, Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy. Article also quotes Kellogg alumnus Dan Kahn, who wrote a case study following his time in Besanko’s class.

BizEd Magazine

Push for Gender Diversity – 11/01/15
Director of Full-Time MBA Admissions Beth Tidmarsh is quoted on Kellogg’s efforts to recruit women students, including hosting Women's Leadership Workshops and Women's Preview Day. Article also references Dean Sally Blount’s remarks that Kellogg’s latest incoming class comprising 43 percent women is a record high for the school.

Scientific American

Why We Imagine – 11/01/15
Article features research by Professor Neal Roese and references his book, The Social Psychology of Counterfactual Thinking.

Business Insider

58 cognitive biases that screw up everything we do – 10/29/15
Professor Leigh Thompson is quoted on the topic of anchoring bias in salary negotiation. According to her research, job candidates that make an opening offer are more successful in the negotiation process.

The New York Times

Health Care Companies in Merger Frenzy – 10/29/15
Professor Leemore Dafny comments on the latest round of mergers between health care companies including drug makers, hospital groups and insurers.

The New York Times

Prices Are Higher When Hospitals Buy Doctors’ Practices. That’s Set to Change. – 10/28/15
A study by Professors David Dranove and Chris Ody, which shows that mergers can drive up costs for privately insured patients, is referenced in this article.


How To Capture Customer Attention In A World Of Information Overload – 10/27/15
In this article on how to capture customer attention, Lecturer William Bennett advises people to make introductions to their various clients, who might benefit from each other.