Kellogg in the News


Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare. Your Patients Are Getting Healthier – 07/28/15
This article quotes Professor Craig Gathwaite on how the recession has helped to slow rising health care costs.

The Wall Street Journal

Facebook Shares Its Internal Diversity Training – 07/28/15
This article quotes Professor Lauren Rivera on how two years of diversity training is likely not enough time to make a visible impact within a company.

Bloomberg Business

Anthem-Cigna Deal Tied to Rival Mergers in Antitrust Review – 07/24/15
This article quotes Leemore Dafny on how Anthem and Aetna's takeovers will reduce possible future competition.

The New York Times

Not Lonely at the Top – 07/24/15
This article written by Professor Adam Waytz talks about how power decreases loneliness by reducing one’s need to affiliate with others.

The New York Times

The Regulatory Hurdles to Health Insurance Mergers – 07/24/15

This article cites Professor Leemore Dafny’s research on how insurance company mergers typically lead to higher premiums. Professor Dafny was also quoted on this topic in NPR, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, Bloomberg BNA and American Economic Association.


Will health insurance mergers help or hurt consumers? – 07/23/15

This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how premiums historically rise when insurers merge. Professor Dafny was also quoted on this topic in Bloomberg, Reuters, Washington Post, Vox, International Business Times, Modern Healthcare and Insurance Business Magazine.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Northwestern football ditches Purple Pricing – 07/22/15
This article features the ticket pricing system, Ticker, developed by Professors Sandeep Baliga and Jeffrey Ely.

The Wall Street Journal

LinkingIn to Data Products – 07/22/15
This article by Professor Russell Walker talks about how LinkedIn is an excellent example of how to make money from data products, yet the company has only scratched the surface of what is to be done in creating value from information.

Huffington Post

Mindful Evolution: Can You Guide What Your Genes Are Doing? – 07/21/15
This article by Professor Deepak Chopra explores the mind-gene connection and possibilities for self-directed evolution.

Chicago Tribune

Should workers get overtime for answering emails after hours? – 07/20/15
This article quotes Professor Kelly Goldsmith on how companies can shut down workaholics by adjusting the workplace culture, not by monitoring technology.

Modern Healthcare

Doc pay resumes upward march after prior year’s slowdown – 07/18/15
This article quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz on how the primary-care doctor’s pay has not risen, even though physicians are expected to shoulder additional responsibilities in the recent wave of health system consolidation.

Poets & Quants

The Best MBA Networking Strategies – 07/17/15

This article quotes Kellogg FT MBA Director of Admissions Beth Tidmarsh on tips for answering Kellogg’s 2015-16 essay questions. Clear Admit also published Beth’s point of view on this topic.

Chicago Tribune

Kraft Heinz headquarters to move to Chicago – 07/16/15
This article quotes Professor Willemien Kets on how Kraft Heinz’s move from Northfield to downtown Chicago shows that the company is going after young employees who desire a more cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Fast Company

To Grow, Companies Need Vision Not Value – 07/16/15
This article by Professor Steven DuPuis talks about the importance of vision in establishing a strong culture and inspiring creative meaningful innovation that results in growth.


Don’t Take Risk – Eliminate It – 07/16/15
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal talks about how innovators should determine the best ways to reduce risk in developing a new product or service.

Inside Higher Ed

Antiskimming Software – 07/15/15
This article profiles ForClass, a student engagement startup cofounded by Professor Gad Allon. The platform aims to stop students from skimming through reading assignments.


The science of empathy – and why some people have it less than others – 07/15/15
This article by Professor Loran Nordgren talks about their research on empathy, which found that people who have suffered are often the least compassionate. It discusses how businesses need to understand the dynamics of empathy.


Venture Thinking: Why Corporations Should Think Like Startups – 07/14/15
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal discusses how corporate leaders should consider a mindset of resourceful entrepreneurship that’s applicable to virtually any company looking to spur innovation and drive growth.


5 Clues You’ve Found A Venture Worth Pursuing – 07/14/15
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal talks about the five indicators that show you’ve found a problem that’s worth solving.


Leadership Lessons From a True Renaissance Man – 07/14/15
This article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi on how Medici’s “multivocal leadership” brought disparate groups of people together to create cultural and artistic icons that still endure today.