Kellogg in the News

Chicago Tribune

Uber in Chicago sepaks second language: Spanish – 08/20/15
This article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how the move towards UberEspañol could protect Uber from competitors that may seek to target Hispanic communities.


Why drugmakers are suddenly merging – 08/20/15
This article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on how we should be questioning whether or not the new model of incorporating startups into the pharmaceutical industry will be more expensive.


Ashley Madison impact: Is the Internet responsible for more marriages or divorces – 08/20/15
This article quotes Professor Jon Maner about how a site like Ashley Madison doesn’t encourage infidelity, but it does provide a seemingly easy and safe route for cheaters.

Wall Street Journal

Adidas Puts Some Spring in Its Step – 08/20/15
This article quotes Professor Robert Wolcott on how a new shoe collaboration with rapper Kanye West may signal resurgence for the Adidas brand, but it is just one element of a larger turnaround.


4 Ways To Harness Digital Disruption – 08/19/15
This article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney discusses four strategies that enable companies to cope with digital disruption.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s major MBA schools by the numbers, including women enrollment – 08/17/15
This article features statistics on Kellogg’s incoming MBA class, including its 43 percent women statistic and 724 average GMAT score statistic. Alumna April Kim, founder of ChattingCat, is also quoted as saying, “Kellogg’s one-year program is the best MBA program for entrepreneurs. It’s short, but you get all of what any modern MBA program can offer.”

Fast Company

3 ways to turn rivals into collaborators – 08/17/15
This article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi on how to turn rivals into collaborators through drawing inspiration from Cosimo de’ Medici’s multivocal leadership style.


What Was Old Is New Again – The Power Of Nostalgia Marketing – 08/14/15
This article quotes Professor Gregory Carpenter on why it can be effective for brands to tap into the psychology of nostalgia.


Rules Of Engagement: How To Tango With Startups – 08/14/15
This article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney talks about the rules of engagement that companies should follow before seeking startup partners.


Globalization On The Cape Fear – 08/14/15
This article written by Professor Harold Sirkin discusses what the Port of Wilmington in North Carolina can tell us about globalization and the U.S. export economy.

Clear Admit

High-Touch Outreach by Current Students Helps Boost Kellogg’s Female Enrollment – 08/13/15
This article covers Kellogg’s record-breaking incoming class, with 43% women and a GMAT score high of 724, and takes a deeper look into the initiatives that helped spur these numbers.

Chicago Tribune

So who's teaching those courses on entrepreneurship? – 08/12/15
This article features Kellogg’s efforts to build up its entrepreneurship curriculum with the addition of 19 new courses and professors. Quotes Professor Linda Darragh on the growth of the program in the past several years.

Chicago Tribune

Blackhawks' Patrick Kane removed from video game cover amid investigation – 08/12/15
This article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on why corporate sponsors are quick to walk away from celebrities with legal issues.


Google's name change sounds crazy but it's been done before – 08/11/15
This article by Professor Tim Calkins talks about why Alphabet is a smart “house of brands” strategy that can address growth opportunities, but also why it’s an unusual marketing strategy and the problems that might arise with this branded house approach.

Chicago Tribune

MBA programs in U.S., Chicago strive to enroll more women – 08/10/15
This article spotlights the increasingly pressing initiative to increase female MBA enrollment numbers, covering the White House initiative to focus on increasing opportunities for women. Kellogg, Booth and Wharton are featured.

Diversity Inc. Magazine

Kellogg School of Management’s Anise Wiley-Little: Having Broader Impact – 08/10/15

This article profiles Chief Human Capital and Diversity Officer Anise Wiley-Little and her work building an inclusive leadership while heading HR/Diversity at Kellogg.

Huffington Post

This 27-Year-Old Got Zomato To List ‘Disabled-Friendly' Restaurants – 08/10/15
Profiles Nipun Malhotra, who successfully convinced popular restaurant search website Zomato India to create a wheelchair access filter for their restaurants. Malhotra was inspired to request the feature while attending a week-long course at Kellogg.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago activist begins Oreo boycott to protest Mondelez layoff plans – 08/09/15
This article quotes Professor Brayden King on how boycotts succeed by endangering a company’s reputation.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Scholars Hosts Top Employers at First Look Career Conference for City’s Underserved Yet Academically Ambitious Youth – 08/07/15
This article discusses the creation of the Chicago United Fellowship, a career mentorship program for diverse students that is emerging from a partnership between Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Chicago United and Chicago Scholars Foundation.

Chicago Tribune

Want to skip the order line? Fast food restaurants have apps for that – 08/07/15
Professor Derek Rucker is quoted in this article saying that in the crowded app market, the best ones will win on efficiency, ease of use, and benefit.