Kellogg in the News

Crain’s Chicago Business

People On The Move | Healthcare – 07/11/16
Article reports on Access Community Health Network’s recent appointment of Professor Nicholas Pearce to its board of directors.

Harvard Business Review

Can Your Sales Team Actually Achieve Their Stretch Goals? – 07/11/16
Article co-written by Professor Andris Zoltners discusses sales leaders using stretch goals to challenge a sales force, points out the backlashes of this way of motivation, and offers advice on how to build a stronger sales team.

Chicago Tribune

X Marks the Knot – 07/09/16
Article discusses the merits of designing voting systems from an economic point of view and references Professor Mark Satterthwaite’s research, which showed that every common electoral system – even those in which voters can rank their preferences – is distorted by tactical voting.


Washington Is Finally Doing Something That Might End Too Big to Fail​ – 07/08/16
Article discusses the Financial Institutions Bankruptcy Act that recently passed, quoting Professor Ben Iverson on its potential impact on the nation’s economy.


Top Business Schools See Family Office Education as Growth Area – 07/07/16
Article quotes Professor Justin Craig, who says that Kellogg is starting a new offering in 2017 to help family businesses grow and scale. Alumni and mounting research in the past 15 years have shown that family-owned companies are vital to growing economies, he said.


China's New Worry: Outsourcing – 07/07/16
Article by Adjunct Professor Harold Sirkin discusses Chinese officials’ new concern: outsourcing. Officials are encouraging companies in the southern and eastern parts of China, where wages and other production costs are highest, to move their production facilities inland, where costs are lower, rather than outsourcing to countries such as Vietnam.

Crain’s Chicago Business

How Brexit will affect U.S. business a big nagging question​ – 07/05/16
Article by Adjunct Professor Philip Levy discusses Brexit’s economic impact on U.S. businesses.

Huffington Post

Do We Really Want Democracy – 07/05/16
Article by Professor Phil Kotler says that Democracy requires free speech, free press, free assembly and the rule of law and notes his forthcoming book: Democracy in Decline, Rebuilding the Future.


What Politicians Are Getting Wrong About the Brexit Vote​ – 07/01/16
Article by Professor Brayden King says that Brexit is not just about economics, but about how a cultural difference will continue to play a major role in the political arena – particularly as the U.S. presidential campaign heats up.


Key to Success: Leading business school work to diversify student bodies – 06/30/16
Article quotes Chief Diversity Officer Anise Wiley-Little on Kellogg’s efforts to serve as a model for inclusive leadership. “Through their groundbreaking work, our faculty are furthering the conversation about the significance of diversity and inclusion within organizations and teams,” she said.


Money Should Never Drive a Startup’s Relationship With Investors – 06/30/16
Article by Professor Linda Darragh explores how startup founders can establish a relationship with the right investors to gain access not only to seed or growth capital, but also to their industry expertise and contacts.

Poets & Quants

The B-School Impact Investing Uprising​ – 06/27/16
Article discusses the increasing focus on impact investing at top business schools, noting relevant Kellogg courses such as Early Stage Impact Investing and Micro-Finance and the Role of Financial Institutions in Development.


Can Cadillac be cool again?​ – 06/27/16
Article discusses GM and Cadillac’s rebranding. Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who says that if GM wants to be a global player, it needs to have a stronger emphasis on luxury cars.


Hiring Foreign Talent Won't Close The Skills Gap​ – 06/24/16
Article by Adjunct Professor Harold Sirkin discusses the factors driving the job skills gap: demographics, the changing requirements of an increasingly high-tech workplace and the deficiency of many public education systems.

Harvard Business Review

To Develop Cultural Dexterity, Seek it Out – 06/24/16
Article by Associate Dean for Leadership Development Bernard Banks discusses the cultural dexterity lessons learned from his military career and why similar dexterity is important for global organizations.

The New York Times

Sheryl Sandberg on the Myth of the Catty Woman – 06/23/16
Article explores the popular idea that women are not supportive of each other. Cites research by Professor David Matsa, which found that when women join a company board, there’s a better chance that other women will rise to top executive positions.

Washington Post

Why more media headlines are actually bad for women who are named CEO – 06/23/16
Article features new research from Professor Ned Smith, which found that companies that named a female CEO – and received ample media attention for their choice – saw their stock prices go down. Yet when the appointments received little press, the phenomenon was reversed.

The Wall Street Journal

Companies Try a New Strategy: Empathy Training – 06/21/16
Article discusses how managers are taking classes in empathy and quotes Professor Adam Waytz on how contemporary workers “want a sense of connection,” but few companies scientifically measure outcomes from this kind of empathy training.


Do assassinations change opinions?​ – 06/20/16
This audio story, which features Professor Benjamin Jones, discusses how the recent Brexit campaign briefly paused after the assassination of British lawmaker Jo Cox and looks back at other examples where assassinations changed the course of history.

Poets & Quants

The MBAs To Watch In The Class of 2016 – 06/20/16
Article features 90 graduating MBAs from the Class of 2016 with diverse backgrounds and experiences, including a profile of Kellogg student Dexter Yu Galan.