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The Real History of America’s Most Authentic Fake Brand – 03/31/16
Article reports on the history of Shinola, a high-end watch brand made famous for being manufactured in Detroit. Professor Tim Calkins is quoted, praising founder Tom Kartsotis’ instinct for choosing Detroit as the backdrop for the brand.

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How Kellogg Teaches Entrepreneurship – 03/31/16
Q&A with Professor Linda Darragh highlights Kellogg’s entrepreneurship offerings. “We decided to build the curriculum on a path of not only new venture launch or creation, but also curricular and co-curricular activities around growth and scaling,” Darragh said.

The Washington Post

Here’s the advantage that keeps Silicon Valley ahead of the world – 03/31/16
Article argues that the key to big Silicon Valley companies’ success is their focus on building platforms, rather than selling products. Professor Robert Wolcott’s HBR article is referenced.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Pharmaceutical pricing model past its expiration date – 03/28/16
Article criticizes current pharmaceutical pricing models, citing information from Professor Craig Garthwaite on how prices are set.

The Wall Street Journal

One Surprising Way to Get People to Save More – 03/28/16
Article names the Doorway to Dreams Fund (D2D), co-founded by Professor Benjamin Iverson, as an effective way to get people to save. D2D is a prize-linked savings program that currently has 20,000 active accounts and $46.4 million in savings.

Harvard Business Review

Does Your Business Model Look to the Future or Just Defend the Present? – 03/22/16
Article by Professor Rob Wolcott explains why companies that focus on defending established business models will lose in the long run to companies pursuing transitional models to be part of driving the change.


Hospital mergers within state borders drive up costs – 03/21/16
Article reports on a paper by Professor Leemore Dafny that provides definitive proof that cross-market hospital mergers tend to hurt employers and consumers.

Business Insider

2 business school professors explain how you can become a more authentic leader – 03/20/16
Article features insight from Professor Brenda Booth and Lecturer Brooke Vuckovic on how to draw from one’s own experiences, values and strengths to become a better leader. Story also appeared in Bloomberg Government.


Honest Company's Laundry Detergent Mess Signals a Major Problem in Business – 03/20/16
Article by Professor Kent Grayson examines how a company’s ability to verify how products are made and what they are made of diminishes the longer the supply chain.

The Economist

Team Spirit – 03/19/16
Quotes Professor Leigh Thompson, who said, "Teams are not always the answer—teams may provide insight, creativity and knowledge in a way that a person working independently cannot; but teamwork may also lead to confusion, delay and poor decision-making."


Don't Let Buzz Around Cuba Drown Out Mexico – 03/19/16
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin argues that U.S. businesses should be more interested in Mexico than Cuba, because Mexico has a large consumer market with a rapidly growing middle class.

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Kellogg Students Get Business Advice From Warren Buffet – 03/19/16
Article recaps the advice Warren Buffet gave to Kellogg students during a two-and-a-half hour Q&A session.

Chicago Tribune

Why this Chicago VC thinks entrepreneurs are lazy – 03/17/16
Article by Lecturer Mark Achler discusses his experience as a venture capitalist, emphasizing that entrepreneurs must be better prepared when going into a pitch.

Chicago Tribune

Why the Weight Watchers stumble is about tech, not just Oprah – 03/17/16
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who says, ““Brands that people really feel a connection to are the brands that can run into trouble when you start making changes. It’s a huge issue, and if you’re not careful, it can really damage your brand for the long run.”


Looking to win business? It all boils down to trust – 03/16/16
Article by Professor Kent Grayson talks about the issue of trust in business as well as the Trust Project at Northwestern University, an initiative designed to advance the study and management of trust in business and society.


The One Word Most Americans Use to Describe Bernie Sanders – 03/16/16
Article by Professor Julie Hennessy discusses the results from a survey of potential voters on what they really think about the presidential candidates.


Crowdfunding Is A Female Founder's Best Friend – 03/16/16
Article cites Kellogg research, which found that women outperform men when raising money for their companies through crowdfunding because women have the ability to tell compelling stories and connect at an emotional level.


How Pitbull Could Save America from Donald Trump – 03/15/16
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, "In certain circumstances, celebrities can have a lot of influence, especially when the endorser has a core demographic who would support the same platforms they do when voting."


This Can Be Hillary Clinton's Secret Weapon In Tonight’s Debate – 03/09/16
Article written by Professor Brian Uzzi talks about Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon, “language style matching,” which can enhance trust and believability for the person who speaks second.

Chicago Tribune

How the chief creative officer of Havas conquered Instagram – 03/08/16
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said a creative team stacked with social media naturals could be a competitive advantage.