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Harvard Business Review

5 Steps to Help Yourself Recover from a Setback​ – 12/05/16
Article by Professor Neal Roese offers research-backed advice on how to recover from a setback, such as challenging yourself to use counterfactual thinking and formulate detailed alternative scenarios to bridge that gap and ensure you do better the next time around.

Harvard Business Review

Good Bosses Switch Between Two Leadership Styles – 12/05/16
Article by Professor Jon Maner discusses two different leadership styles explored in his research. Dominant leaders mandate a vision while prestige leaders — leaders whose main motivation is to be liked and admired — facilitate their group’s vision.


We Talk About Gender Diversity, But What We Really Mean Is This – 12/02/16
Article quotes Professor Ellen Taaffe on a number of suggestions to enhance the pipeline of women leaders – including formal and informal mentoring programs, ensuring diverse slates of candidates and providing senior-level women a platform to tell their stories.


A Defining Moment Of Trust For Donald Trump​ – 12/02/16
Article written by Professor Harry Kraemer discusses the topic of leadership and how the essence of all leadership is influencing people, and the only way to do that is by earning their trust, and uses Donald Trump as an example.

Financial Times

The next frontier for greater inclusion in financial services – 12/01/16
Article discusses the topic of inclusion in financial services and how networks, temporary teams and two kinds of mentor all help new faces to fit in, quoting Professor Lauren Rivera on how “one of the biggest challenges people from under-represented backgrounds have is fitting in.”

Harvard Business Review

Driving Sales Success This Quarter, This Year, and Beyond​ – 12/01/16
Article by Professor Emeritus Andris Zoltners discusses the topic of achieving a balance between reaching short-term and long-term sales goals, and how it requires anticipating the future consequences of decisions so that actions that boost immediate results don’t hurt performance down the road.

U.S. News & World Report

An MBA Video Essay That Succeeded – 12/01/16
Article discusses the rise in MBA video admissions essays and interviews Melissa Rapp, Director of FT MBA and MSMS Admissions, on how candidates can make a compelling video essay. Article also features an example of a prior video essay from a current Kellogg student.

Huffington Post

From Chocolate to Coffee: Addressing Poverty Along the Supply Chain​ – 11/30/16
Article written by Professor Megan Kashner discusses how to address poverty along the supply with tools such as the Progress out of Poverty Index, a statistically-normed tool used by organizations and businesses to track the economic progress out of poverty by individuals and families in a particular community or supply chain network.

The Wall Street Journal

Tomorrow’s Business Leaders Learn How to Work with A.I. – 11/30/16
Article reports on how artificial intelligence is now on the syllabus at top-tier business schools such as Kellogg, Harvard and Sloan. Features an interview with Professor Brian Uzzi on how executives must become familiar with methods of managing the development of applications and the design of algorithms across multiple lines of business. Also reported in The Morning Download, the daily business recap from The Wall Street Journal.


Why It’s Okay to Be Unsure About Your Career in Your 20s – 11/29/16
Article written by Dean Sally Blount answers the question offers advice on how young people should focus on learning how to develop different types of intelligence, including EQ (emotional intelligence), SQ (social intelligence) and OQ (organizational intelligence).


Anthem-Cigna Deal Seen by U.S. Economist as Risk to Competition – 11/28/16
Article quotes Professor David Dranove, who served as a witness in the U.S. government’s lawsuit to block the proposed Anthem-Cigna $48 billion merger. “The merger will harm competition in the market for national accounts” as well as in states where Anthem operates, he said. Coverage also appeared in Politico, Insurance Journal, Law360 and Healthcare Dive.

The Washington Post

‘We have a culture war to win’: Why Starbucks cups always stir up controversy – 11/28/16
Article discusses the topic of culture wars and why Starbucks and their holiday cups always seem to be at the middle of the controversy, quoting Professor Derek Rucker’s explanation of how “Starbucks has a broader target, based on the ubiquity of the brand, and with that broader target, you’re more likely to get difference of opinion.”

Huffington Post

How IoT can keep manufacturing moving in times of uncertainty​ – 11/25/16
Article references Professor Scott Baker, his research, and the tool he developed to help understand the economic and policy factors concerning our world by attempting to couple the certainty levels in the economy with the levels of business investment, and subsequently with economic growth.


4 Tips for Mastering the Art of Persuasion – 11/23/16
Article co-written by Professor Derek Rucker discusses the topic of how to get people to believe in your message and offers advice on how to build certainty in an audience.


A new Vox podcast about how policy affects real people – 11/21/16
Professor Craig Garthwaite discusses the threshold for drug price versus innovation--how comfortable should Americans be paying higher prices for drugs to get more innovation? What is more important: continued drug innovation or more accessible drugs?

Huffington Post

The Trumpf Chocolate Zeppelin on the way to the White House – 11/19/16
Article written by Professor Robert Wolcott asks readers to try and understand their adversaries better than they understand you (or even themselves) because that offers a competitive advantage.


These 5 Common Collaboration Myths Are Destroying Your Team​ – 11/19/16
Article says when it comes to collaboration, popular wisdom and research-backed best practice frequently disagree. Quotes Professor Leigh Thompson on the five myths that managers most often fall victim to, along with suggestions of better alternatives.

Houston Chronicle

Richards-Kortum, Oden, Palamountain: All babies deserve a chance to survive – 11/18/16
Op-ed co-authored by Research Associate Professor Kara Palamountain '04 illustrating the link between infant survival rates and economic development in poorer nations.

The Houston Chronicle

Richards-Kortum, Oden, Palamountain: All babies deserve a chance to survive – 11/18/16
Article co-written by Professor Kara Palamountain discusses the issue of premature birth - now the world's leading cause of death for children. This year, more than 1 million babies will die simply because they were born too soon and progress to improve newborn survival is frustratingly slow. The authors noted that World Prematurity Day was commemorated last week, and stated that we can do better, and have the global resources to do so, when it comes to premature births.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago will always find a new tax – 11/17/16
Article (op-ed) written by Professor Joel Shalowitz offers his opinion on how the City Council’s decision to license pharmaceutical representatives to help address the opioid addiction problem is a case study in unnecessary, costly and ineffective government intervention.​