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The Street

Is Medicare Advantage as Good as Traditional Medicine? – 08/22/16
Article reports on a new Stanford study showing data that may indicate that the Advantage plan provides less care. Professor Joel Shalowitz is quoted, saying that the data actually shows that the Advantage plan is more efficient - cheaper, but also better care.

USA Today

Will the celebrity factor matter for Clinton or Trump?​​​ – 08/22/16
Article discusses the value of celebrity endorsements in the upcoming election and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite’s research that looked at how Winfrey was responsible for moving around 1 million votes to Obama in his quest for the Democratic nomination.

Chicago Tribune

We know we can't be Michael Phelps, so why do we care what brand he wears?​ – 08/19/16
Article discusses the return on investment when brands endorse celebrities. Professor Craig Garthwaite says that if there was a way to end the endorsement arms race, companies might gladly scale back.

Sports Illustrated

How the pain of finishing fourth at the Olympics can forever change an athlete – 08/18/16
Article reports that those who win bronze medals are happier than those that win silver, particularly in the Olympic games. Professor Victoria Medvec’s 1995 study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is cited, explaining that with silver, gold was possible, but with bronze, it’s better than not medaling at all.

Chicago Tribune

The latest trend in keeping employees happy? Tech tools​ – 08/17/16
Article discusses about the merits of using tech tools to engage with employees, quoting Professor Adam Waytz on how virtual communities and badges don't give people as much fulfillment as in-person interaction.


Aetna To Leave Illinois Health Insurance Exchange For 2017 – 08/17/16
Article reports on Aetna leaving Illinois’s health insurance marketplace in 2017, quoting Professor Joel Shalowitz on how Aetna may have been the only plan left that some people could afford and included their current doctor.


Airline Pilots Pump The Brakes On Plans To Speed Up Flights​ – 08/17/16
Article reports on the issue with plane delays and airline efficiency, quoting Adjunct Lecturer Dean DeBiase on how over the past decade, American and other airlines have cut costs, raised fees and crammed more seats into planes.

Poets & Quants

Favorite Business School Professors Teaching MBAs​ – 08/17/16
Article recaps MBAs’ favorite b-school professors and includes Professors Victoria Medvec and Mitchell Peterson, quoting two Kellogg students on how these professors have impacted their learning experience.

Chicago Tonight

What Macy’s Store Closings Might Mean for Retail Industry at Large​ – 08/16/16
Broadcast clip reports on the decision by Macy’s to close roughly 100 of its stores nationwide and features Professor Eric Anderson as a guest panelist, discussing the process of making the transition to online sales.

Chicago Tribune

Amazon opening pickup location at UIC​ – 08/16/16
Article reports on the University of Illinois Chicago becoming an Amazon package pick-up location and quotes Professor Alexander Chernvev on how this can build loyalty with a group of young customers with years of spending ahead of them.


Delta’s Apology for Outage Delays Isn’t Good Enough​ – 08/16/16
Article written by Professor Harry Kraemer discusses why Delta’s crisis handling of its outage delays was insufficient.


The Real Reasons Diversity Programs Don’t Work​ – 08/16/16
Article co-authored by Professor Nicole Stephens discusses her research on the reasons diversity programs don’t work. People’s attitudes about diversity remain a persistent problem, and this problem underscores the need for effective diversity programs that truly make a difference in attracting and retaining women and minorities, creating opportunities for them to reach the leadership positions they seek.

Fast Company

Forget Micromanaging, Hands-Off Leadership Could Hurt Workers More – 08/15/16
Article reports on Professor Leigh Thompson’s research and the new book she co-authored, which talks about "The Macromanagement Trap" which involves "assuming your employees don’t need your direction."

Chicago Tribune

How many MBA grads stay in Chicago? – 08/12/16
Article explores the number of students at Chicago-area b-schools that stay in the city after graduation, citing data that one-quarter of Kellogg grads remained in Chicago in 2015.

Harvard Business Review

Research: Delegating More Can Increase Your Earnings – 08/12/16
Article by Professor Thomas Hubbard discusses his research, which sought to quantify the returns of delegation.

Washington Post

Why bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists, and other things the Olympics teaches us about human emotions – 08/12/16
Article quotes research by Professor Victoria Medvec on why Olympic bronze medalists are happier than those who bring home silver, because counterfactual thoughts lead those who perform better to feel worse than those they outperform. Research also discussed in Quartz.

Chicago Tribune

Big retailers trying to turn college kids into lifelong customers – 08/11/16
Article quotes Professor Alexander Chernev, who says that even though students don't generally have as much disposable income as older groups, their potential value as lifelong customers makes a small early discount worthwhile.

Clear Admit

Career Services Q&A: Liza Kirkpatrick of Kellogg’s Career Management Center​, – 08/11/16
Article features a Q&A with Career Management Center Director Liza Kirkpatrick, in which she discusses the recruiting process at Kellogg.


This Is Why You Shouldn't Brag About Your 'Innovative' Brand – 08/10/16
Article features a Kellogg Insight article based on Professor Kelly Goldsmith’s research and examines the ways in which a reputation for innovation can actually hurt a company.

Chicago Tribune

MBA programs are going outside the classroom. Here's why.​ – 08/09/16
Article discusses how b-school programs in Chicago are increasingly focused on experiential learning, quoting Professor David Schonthal.