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Las Vegas Review-Journal

Trump, GOP unveil framework of plan to revamp, simplify tax code – 09/27/17
Article explains the first major revamp of the nation’s tax code in three decades presented by Trump and congressional Republicans, noting that this code would cut levies for corporations, simplify everyone’s brackets and almost double the standard deduction used by most Americans. Visiting Professor Ben Harris notes that “middle-class families get almost nothing” out of the plan.


Are we offering kids too many choices? – 09/27/17
Article highlights research by Professor Michal Maimaran that explores “how an abundance of choice affects children, and in particular, how having so many affects how engaged they are with the option they ultimately choose.” She found that there can be negative consequences to giving children lots of options, mainly that in the end they spend less time engaged with their choice than when they pick from a smaller set.

Business Insider

There's an easy way to strengthen a struggling marriage — and too many people ignore it – 09/25/17
Article profiles research from Professor Eli Finkel’s new book, which says that we're placing more expectations on our relationships than ever before while simultaneously investing less time and energy in the relationship. Business Insider also profiled the research here and here.


In Praise Of Dystopias: ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘1984,’ ‘Brave New World’ And Our Technology-Defined Future – 09/25/17
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott takes a look at the ever nearing reality of shows such as Black Mirror that explore the dystopia of a life controlled by technology, noting that these shows, although potentially, somewhat inaccurate, open public dialogue regarding the impact of artificial intelligence and other technological advances.


How the London License Ban Could Help Uber’s New CEO – 09/25/17
Article by Professor Harry Kraemer explores the Uber license ban in London, noting that this could be an unexpected gift for the new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Instead of going to court over the ban, the CEO could accept the ban in return for an opportunity “to prove his seriousness about changing the company’s culture and business practices.”


This one mistake stops you from getting rich and achieving your biggest goals – 09/25/17
Article quotes Professor Moran Cerf about humans’ ability to be forward-thinking. Our brains are equipped to think deliberately about future-looking abstract concepts — if we make the effort, he said.

New York Times

When a Drug Coupon Helps You but Hurts Fellow Citizens – 09/25/17
Article discusses how using coupons that cause consumers to switch away from a generic drug, with an overall lower cost, to a brand-name drug may be playing a role in raising drug spending and premiums for others. According to a study co-written by Research Assistant Professor Christopher Ody, “the coupons for drugs with generic competition are responsible for several billion dollars of additional drug spending per year.”


Which country has the best healthcare? – 09/23/17
Video clip features Professor Craig Garthwaite following up from an article published last week that asked experts in health care and economics to rate various national health care systems. Garthwaite gives explanations for the choices he and the other panelists made, as they awarded Switzerland with the best system.


On NAFTA, The Trump Administration Is Wrong Yardstick – 09/22/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Phil Levy takes a look at renegotiation talks occurring over the North American Free Trade Agreement, noting that the Trump administration “are trying to comprehend a global trading landscape while blinkered by focus on bilateralism.”

WGN Radio

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/21/17: A $100M Grant, Teddy Ruxpin Reboot, & Chicago Half Marathon – 09/21/17
Radio segment features Professor Kara Palamountain discussing being a finalist for the MacArthur Foundation’s 100andChange program that grants $100 million to the winner, which will be announced in December. Palamountain works with N.E.S.T, which is an organization that helps to improve newborn survival in Africa.


GOP health care bill faces opposition from Jimmy Kimmel, Illinois Democrats – 09/21/17
Article discusses the opposition to the repeal of Obamacare that is set to be vote on next week, highlighting certain aspects of the proposed bill, quoting Professor Amanda Starc on how the bill would redistribute money from some states to other states. “The idea being states can have the flexibility to decide what to do with the money, which will now be distributed in one funding stream.”

Poets & Quants

New MBA Courses At Top Business Schools – 09/20/17
Article takes a look at the trend that as the world changes and progresses, business schools change and progress as well, usually in the form of courses. It notes that Kellogg is offering 11 new courses this year.


This Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows the Future of Human Evolution, and It Will Surprise and Inspire You – 09/19/17
Article features key insights from Professor Moran Cerf on the future of human evolution. Cerf noted in his most recent TEDx Talk that humans are gaining control over their own evolution because “advances in technology are making it so that it is driven by us.”

The New York Times

While Premiums Soar Under Obamacare, Costs of Employer-Based Plans Are Stable – 09/19/17
Article explains the sharp contrast between the fast rising price of health insurance premiums in many marketplaces and the remarkably stable cost over the past year of coverage for the large number of people who are insured through their jobs. About 151 million people are covered through their employer, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on “a remarkable stubborn stability” that characterizes the insurance environment for many companies.


Graham-Cassidy's cuts are confusing. Let’s make them simple. – 09/19/17
Article discusses why many Senate Republicans still have yet to decide on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, noting that many are still “looking at the numbers” of the funding. Taking a look at DSH funding in particular, Professor Craig Garthwaite notes that the very existence of this provision is “admitting that this is gonna increase the number of people who are uninsured and those people are still gonna go to the hospital.”

Chicago Tribune

Ingredion CEO is latest Chicago-area female CEO to leave post – 09/18/17
Article discusses how Ilene Gordon, the Ingredion CEO, will retire from the company next year, further thinning the amount of top female executives of large corporations in the Chicagoland area. Although this trend may be occurring in Chicago, across all Fortune 500 companies the number of female CEOs increased this year; however, Professor Megan Kashner said it’s too early to say whether the increase this year is a trend reflecting any real progress.

The New York Times

The Best Health Care System in the World: Which One Would You Pick? – 09/18/17
Article takes a look at 8 health care systems from countries around the world, noting the varying approaches they have taken, all with the commonality of universal coverage. In order to chose the “best” health care system, the authors staged a small tournament that was judged by a panel made up of experts in the field, including Professor Craig Garthwaite.

Poets & Quants

B-School Bulletin: Gender Wars & More – 09/17/17
Article features a round-up of the top news from b-Schools across the country, featuring two Kellogg Insight articles. First, Professor Jörg L. Spenkuch’s research about the role of money in politics is highlighted, noting that they found no evidence that campaign contributions in the U.S. produce big benefits for corporations. Professor Daniel Barron and Professor Michael Powell’s research, about how hiring the wrong person for a job may be the right move, is also featured.

WGN Radio

Brian Noonan Show 9/17/17: Luke’s Lobster and how to have a successful marriage – 09/17/17
Radio segment features Professor Eli Finkel as he discusses how to have a successful and fulfilling marriage based on his recent research findings. Also discussed in Business Insider.

Business Insider

The iPhone X could convince more people to buy the iPhone 8 Plus – 09/15/17
Republished from Fortune, an article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney discusses the release of Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8, noting the steep price increase of the iPhone X and speculating that the iPhone X may play a role in making the iPhone 8 Plus more reasonable to consumers, therefore driving its sales.