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Retiring Bankers and Safe Assets – 10/13/16
Article cites research by Professors Daniel Barron, George Georgiadis and Jeroen Swinkels regarding performance incentives, and how they found that "if the agent is risk-neutral and protected by limited liability, then a linear contract implements any effort level at maximum profit."

Crain’s Chicago Business

Can Motorola capitalize on Samsung's woes? – 10/12/16
rticle reports on Samsung’s recent discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 after some replacement phones issued as part of a recall exhibited the same alarming tendency, and quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how customers loyal to Samsung will now be more likely to consider other brands, a relatively rare occurrence.

The Wall Street Journal

‘Culture Fit’ May Be the Key to Your Next Job – 10/12/16
Article discusses how companies are using quirky interviewing techniques to see whether job candidates would mesh with colleagues from day one, and quotes Professor Lauren Rivera and her research on how people use culture fit as an excuse to weed out candidates who are too different from their ranks.


Why You Might Be Irrelevant At Work And Not Even Know It – 10/11/16
Article discusses the issue of being irrelevant to the decision-making process at work and not even knowing it, quoting Professor Brian Uzzi: “You can’t assume that people will notice the time and effort you put in” on collaborative projects. So, make your input known.

The Wall Street Journal

From Corporate Pay to Private Prisons—Lessons From the Nobelists – 10/11/16
Article discusses Nobel laureate in Economics Bengt Holmstrom, and mentions that much of Holmstrom’s work began when he was a professor at Kellogg.

The Street

Should You Opt for Medicare Advantage? – 10/10/16
Article discusses the merits of whether to leave traditional Medicare and enroll in managed care Medicare Advantage or not to save money, as the Medicare Open Enrollment dates get closer, and consults Professor Joel Shalowitz's expertise on the subject matter and quotes him on how "plans must deliver all necessary services for covered benefits."


Why Is Work Experience So Undervalued – 10/07/16
Article by Adjunct Professor Harold Sirkin unpacks the question: If employees with significant work experience add value to a company, why aren’t they in higher demand?

Harvard Business Review

Praising Customers for Ethical Purchases Can Backfire – 10/06/16
Article by Professor Maryam Kouchaki discusses her research, which examines whether customer-praising marketing messages make consumers more aware of certain social/environmental issues and therefore promote subsequent altruistic behaviors and choices.


When business and politics don't mix​ – 10/06/16
Article discusses how business and politics can intertwine, as we’re seeing in this current election cycle, and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on how “we often say we want a good business person to come run government, but the job of government is not to maximize profits. Therefore, things that make you a good business person might not make you a good elected official.”

Associated Press

Liz Weston: Borrowing your way out of debt​​​ – 10/03/16
Article offers personal finance advice and cites research from Professor Blake McShane on how closing credit card accounts can be beneficial. People who closed accounts were more likely to pay off their debts, regardless of the dollar amount, than those who left them open. Also published in The New York Times and The Washington Post.


Here’s How You Know You’ve Got a Really Great Boss​ – 10/03/16
Article by Professor David Schonthal discusses the process of identifying admirable leaders by focusing on three characteristics: empathy, empowering others, and generosity.

The Globe and Mail

Five management traps that waste time and energy – 10/03/16
Article discusses intractable problems that managers face and the issue of how they are spending time, energy and resources to no avail, and quotes Professor Leigh Thompson's book "Stop Spending, Start Managing" that studied this phenomenon of action without traction, when organizations, sometimes in a frenzy, expend considerable effort to get nowhere.

Harvard Business Review

Even a 14-Cent Food Tax Could Lead to Healthier Choices – 09/29/16
Article co-written by Adjunct Professor Romana Khan talks about the merits of current policies in place to tax unhealthy products.


IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Speaks with CNBC's Sara Eisen on "Squawk Alley" Today​ – 09/28/16
Article recaps a CNBC interview with International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, following her remarks at Kellogg this week on the state of the global economy. Chicago Tribune also published an interview with Lagarde during her visit to Kellogg.


Why the Market Punishes Some Companies With Female CEOs – 09/28/16
Article by Professor Ned Smith discusses the recent appointment of Emma Walmsley to CEO of GlaxoSmithKline and cites his new research, which found that companies that named a female CEO – and received ample media attention for their choice – saw their stock prices go down. Yet when the appointments received little press, the phenomenon was reversed.

The Wall Street Journal

How Recruiters Decide Which Schools to Visit – 09/28/16
Articles reports on how employers decide which schools to visit based on a combination of ranking, reputation and notable alumni and cites Professor Lauren Rivera’s research on the subject.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Trunk Club is no longer free – 09/27/16
Article reports on how the Trunk Club is charging a $25 home try-on fee and quotes Professor Tim Calkins, saying this business decision can be a difficult transition after a company has spent years building its customer base with white-glove service at rock-bottom prices.

Poets & Quants

Kellogg’s Global Hub Nears Completion​ – 09/27/16
Article reports on Kellogg’s Global Hub’s construction status and its expected opening in early 2017.

The Wall Street Journal

How Short-Termism Saps the Economy – 09/27/16
Article written by Vice President Joe Biden discusses how paying CEOs so much in stocks puts their focus on the share price instead of building for the long run, citing research by Professor Carola Frydman.

Chicago Tribune

Productivity fails: The time-wasters that cost an organization​ – 09/26/16
Article by Professor Leigh Thompson discusses how productivity counts more than ever in today’s “do more with less” environment and how leaders can address productivity challenges.