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Financial Times

Masters in management programmes now attractive in the US – 09/14/14

Article reports that the M.S. in Management degree, long popular in Europe, has become more attractive in the U.S. as the financial crisis prompted undergraduates to reassess the value of taking two years off to earn an MBA. Quotes Dean of Students Betsy Ziegler, who said that Kellogg is the only school of its six primary peers with a M.S. in Management program.


Invent, Reinvent, Thrive – 09/14/14
Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who said that people don’t have to change their whole skill set to reinvent themselves.

Bloomberg TV

How to Bring Brands Back From the Brink – 09/12/14

Interview with Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla, who explains how writing a blank check can save a company. Khosla also discusses why companies should aim to create markets rather than fight for market shares.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Why not everyone is happy with the Advocate-NorthShore engagement – 09/12/14

Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said, “I would be surprised if in three years Advocate did not start its own insurance plan.

The Entrepreneurs Library

TEL 046: Invent Reinvent Thrive with Lloyd Shefsky – 09/12/14

Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about his book, Invent Reinvent Thrive. “It carries the concept of needing to invent and reinvent through various stages but it also uses real stories,” Shefsky said.


Interview with Professor Joel Shalowitz about the merger between Advocate Health and NorthShore University HealthSystem.

The Wall Street Journal

Loan Forgiveness Isn’t the Best Use of Government Resources, Paper Says – 09/11/14

Article reports on a paper by Professor Janice Eberly that found that funding mortgage debt reduction for underwater homeowners is a less efficient use of government resources than other types of mortgage relief, including refinancing. Also covered by Financial Times.


NFL’s Goodell in 'Hot Water' Over Handling of Ray Rice – 09/10/14
Quotes Professor Keith Murnighan, who said, “This is a long-term, incredibly sensitive dilemma they have to deal with and they have not dealt with it well.”


When Does Retail Therapy Work? – 09/10/14
Article reports on research by Professor Derek Rucker that found that when a person makes an expensive purchase after a shortcoming, the item will make the person focus on his shortcoming and do worse next time than if he hadn’t made the purchase.


10 Ways Universities Can Improve Entrepreneurship Education – 09/10/14

Article uses Kellogg as an example of a school making entrepreneurship courses engaging and effective by inviting business executives to speak to students or teach a full course.

Poets & Quants

Net Impact’s Guide To Business Schools – 09/10/14

Article reports on Net Impact’s rankings of b-schools’ social enterprise programs based on student responses. Kellogg ranked 11th, ahead of StanfordMIT and Columbia.

Poets & Quants

MBA Orientations – A Choreographed Dance, Guitar Smashing Good Time – 09/09/14

Article reports on MBA orientations, including service projects at Ross, UNC and Kellogg. Quotes Associate Dean of MBA programs and Dean of Students Betsy Ziegler, who said, “Given that we attract high-impact and low-ego professionals, it’s no surprise that incoming classes approach these projects with the same drive and collaborative spirit that make them the world’s top MBAs.”

Bloomberg BNA

Kentucky, Maryland Point to Benefits of State-Operated Health Marketplaces – 09/08/14
Article reports on the State-Based Health Insurance Exchanges forum sponsored by Kellogg. Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, “We know that in states that did both the Medicaid expansion and exchanges, we saw the biggest declines in the rates of the uninsured.”


A Conversation With a Nobel Prize-winner and Other Things to Do at Business School This Week – 09/08/14

Article lists events hosted by RossKelloggWharton and Booth this week.

Chicago Tribune

The changing MBA: How tech and entrepreneurship are reshaping studies – 09/08/14

Article reports that interest in one-year programs is growing as some students question whether they can stay out of the workforce for two years. Quotes Associate Dean of MBA programs and Dean of Students Betsy Ziegler, who said that Kellogg is increasing enrollment in its one-year MBA program.

Poets & Quants

Best B-Schools For Entrepreneurs – 09/08/14
Article reports on the annual list of Top Universities for VC-Based Entrepreneurs compiled by PitchBook, a leading provider of private equity and venture capital research.  Harvard MBAs raised the most venture capital, followed by StanfordWhartonMITKellogg and Columbia.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago looks to Israel for tech startup lessons – 09/06/14
Article mentions Kellogg Innovation Network’s trip to Israel to gather ideas for cultivating a strong startup community in Chicago.

MIT News

Should scientists handle retractions differently? – 09/05/14
Article reports on an MIT study about the fallout for scientists whose fields suffer high-profile retractions. Quotes Professor Ben Jones, who said that the study “uses rigorous empirical methods to establish an important fact: Retractions matter for the ensuing progress of a field.”

Extreme Biz Dev with Bernie Brenner

Episode 26 – 09/04/14
Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about how businesses should adapt through all stages of success.


What's the Matter With Overthinking? – 09/04/14
Article reports on research by Professor Derek Rucker that found that thoughtful thinking was rewarded when there was a difficult decision to be made and penalized when there was an easy one.