Kellogg in the News

Chicago Tribune

Bruce Rauner’s biggest strength? He has nothing to lose – 06/02/15
Article quotes Professor J. Keith Murnighan on how people may react in negotiations situations when they have a lot of leeway and freedom to act.

The Huffington Post

This Is Why You Feel Dirty After A Bad Day At The Office – 06/02/15
Article quotes Professor Maryam Kouchaki on her research about how being inauthentic at the workplace can make an employee feel morally impure and how this can affect performance.

Diversity MBA

A Model for Inclusive Leadership – 06/01/15
Article written by Chief Human Capital and Diversity Officer Anise Wiley-Little depicts how Kellogg is equipping the next generation of business leaders to manage and leverage diversity for the sustainability and success of their organizations. At the same time, as an institution, the school is proactively working to integrate diversity and inclusion into its people and practices at a deeper level than ever before, school leaders say. Story can be found on page 50.


Houlihan’s Shows Us How To Protect A Brand After A Stumble – 06/01/15
Article by Professor Tim Calkins about how the Houlihan’s restaurant chain dealt effectively with a potentially damaging incident, providing a perfect example of how smart brands react in today’s fast-moving world.

Poets & Quants

The Best Advice Graduating MBAs Have For New B-School Applicants – 06/01/15
A collection of quotes from graduating students. Bruno Valle, a student at Kellogg, suggests taking time to reflect on what really energizes you to create a cohesive, forward-thinking application.

Business Insider

Why it pays to be a jerk – 05/31/15
Article quotes Professor Jon Maner about how physical strength and brute force were the best way to the top for humankind in prehistoric times.

WGN Radio

Wintrust Business Lunch 5/30/15: Chicago Inno, Loran Nordgren, Maz Jobrani, Jon Hansen, Craig “CJ” Jensen – 05/31/15
This segment interviews Professor Loran Nordgren on what it takes to hold on to millennial employees.

The New York Times

Guess Who Doesn’t Fit in at Work? – 05/30/15
A Sunday Review opinion piece by Professor Lauren Rivera on the risks of prioritizing “cultural fit” in workplace hiring procedures. Lauren’s work was also featured in Business Insider.

Chicago Tribune

How to save your brain for work: Wear the same outfit every day – 05/29/15
Article says that making decisions tires the brain, and quotes Professor Moran Cerf on how researchers believe the part of the brain that gets sapped by information overload is the pre-frontal cortex, which is involved in self-control.

Chicago Tribune

Emilio Estevez trolls Hawks fans — and is winning – 05/29/15
Article quotes Lecturer PJ Lamberson on the recent Twitter trolling of Blackhawks fans. Lamberson says that picking a fight through social media — tongue-in-cheek or not — tends to resonate online, mostly with those on the other side of the argument.


Want To Banish Bureaucracy? There's A Better Way Than Zappos' 'Holacracy' – 05/29/15
Article authored by Professor Harry Kraemer critiques online retailer Zappos’ “holacracy”—an organizational structure without job titles values—and suggests value-based leadership instead.

Poets & Quants

Executive MBAs Catch The Startup Bug – 05/28/15
Article examines EMBA students’ increased interest in startups and entrepreneurship courses, highlighting Kellogg’s EMBA program with perspective from Greg Hanifee, associate dean of EMBA programs, and EMBA student Nishad Parmar, founding member of Kellogg Angels.

The Economist

Academic View: Future uncertain – 05/27/15
Article co-authored by Professor Robert Wolcott and Lecturer Andrew Razeghi explains how to be a master rather than a victim of technology in the business world.

Wall Street Journal

Silicon Valley’s Lawmaker – 05/25/15
Article features Professor Shane Greenstein who reviews “Moore’s Law: The Life of Gordon Moore, Silicon Valley’s Quiet Revolutionary.”


How elite students get elite jobs – 05/22/15
Article features Professor Lauren Rivera and her recent book "Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs.”

Harvard Business Review

When Your Boss Wears Metal Pants – 05/20/15
Article quotes Professor Adam Waytz on an experiment he co-conducted on people’s skepticism about algorithms, and how algorithm avoidance is even more pronounced for work that we perceive as more sophisticated or instinctive than number crunching.

Poets & Quants

Class of 2015: The World’s Best and Brightest MBAs – 05/16/15
Inaugural roundup of a diverse group of 50 talented young MBA students includes Kellogg student Bruno Valle, a full-time student from Brazil who will be returning to Bain & Company upon graduation.

Business Insider

Indians to rule B-schools in the US soon – 05/15/15

Article quotes Kate Smith, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Kellogg, on how India is a focal point for the school. References a recent Economic Times article in which Smith is also quoted.


Three Ways To Run Your Global Businesses With Startup Agility – 05/15/15
Article quotes Professor Mohan Sawhney on the new Sentient Enterprise capability model he co-developed to help businesses scale their analytic architectures and insights as they continue to grow.

The Economic Times

More Indians make it to US top B-Schools this year; increase in financial aid, scholarships too – 05/15/15

Article talks about the statistics of Indian MBA applicants and quotes Kate Smith, Assistant Dean of admissions and financial aid at Kellogg, on how India is a focal point for the school.