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Business Insider

An ex-Apple recruiter says there’s an unexpected dark side to hiring for 'culture fit' – 09/01/17
Article takes a look at the darker side to hiring for “cultural fit,” noting that hiring managers can easily allow unconscious biases to creep into their definition of “fit.” Research by Professor Lauren Rivera is cited, showing that interviewers often look for potential friends rather than those with the best work experience.


Six Ways To Demonstrate You’re Promotion-Ready – 09/01/17
Article by Dean Sally Blount outlining six helpful ways to demonstrate you are “promotion-ready.” One must master interpersonal awareness and use their upward interactions well.

Associated Press

Medicaid fueling opioid epidemic? New theory is challenged – 08/31/17
Article discusses the new theory becoming popular amongst conservative politicians that Medicaid, an Obama-era health law, and its expansion to low-income adults may be fueling the opioid epidemic. Professor Craig Garthwaite is quoted on why the claim that Medicaid expansion fueled drug deaths is “fundamentally flawed.” Also published in The New York Times and The Washington Post.


8 Proven Ways to Be Happier, According to Science – 08/29/17
Article takes a look at 8 scientifically proven ways to be happier, noting that happiness and success are subjective things. Research by Professor Neal Roese is cited, noting that if one invests in their friendships, they will have less regret later in life.

Poets & Quants

The Pioneering MBAs In The Class Of 2019 – 08/27/17
Article takes a look at the MBAs in the Class of 2019 who are pioneering in their respective areas of expertise. Incoming Kellogg student Alyssa Forman is profiled on page 21. Forman chose Kellogg for its collaborative culture and hopes to be a leader in the social impact community.


Louise Linton Needs a Lesson in Branding – 08/25/17
Article by Professors Tim Calkins and Julie Hennessy takes a look at Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and her Instagram spat with a commentator over her bragging of owning luxury brands. Many are wondering why she posted the picture in the first place, and “the answer is quite simple: Linton was likely seeking attention and favorable feedback.”

The Atlantic

Why Amazon Is Such a Threat to the Grocery Industry – 08/25/17
Article discusses the recent finalization of Amazon’s deal to purchase Whole Foods for $14 billion, noting that after the announcement the stock prices of many of the chain’s big competitors took a hit. This seemed puzzling to experts because Whole Foods has fewer than 500 stores nationwide while the rest of the industry has roughly 38,000 combined stores – article quotes Professor David Matsa on the misleading figures from that scale.


How These European Airlines Are Offering Such Cheap Flights – 08/24/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Dean DeBiase takes a look at Iceland’s WOW Air’s and Norweign Air Shuttle’s ability to continue adding trans-Atlantic routes with bargain fares. These discount carriers are competing with legacy carriers because of their ability to offer much lower fares.


Why Obamacare didn’t implode – 08/24/17
Article explains how Obamacare survived and healed itself after threats from Congress and the Trump administration a few months ago. The article took a look at how health insurance may be more locally controlled than previously thought, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite.


Why Donald Trump Likes To Surround Himself With Generals – 08/23/17
Article takes a look at Donald Trump’s decision to surround himself with generals, noting the research of Professors Efraim Benmelech and Carola Frydman. Their research suggests that veterans tend to perform better than non-vets during economic downturns, and they can be good in crisis.


How Startups Can Start Advertising – 08/22/17
Article by Professor Derek Rucker discusses how startups should go about advertising. It suggests: first, startups need to ask themselves what the advertising needs to accomplish; second, startups need to understand that they do not have the same consumer insight as large corporations; and lastly, some of the basics of branding that apply to established brands, apply to startups.


Hacking Coinbase: The Great Bitcoin Bank Robbery – 08/22/17
Article discusses the hacking of cryptocurrency, or block-chain based currencies, quoting Professor Moran Cerf on how online currency hackers face fewer problems than in-person robbers: “Brick and mortar bank robbers have two problems: stealing the money and hiding the evidence. Bitcoin solves the second one for you because everyone there is anonymous.”

The Wall Street Journal

The Next Step After a Bad First Impression at Work – 08/22/17
Article explains how one can redeem themselves after an early slip with a boss, colleague or client. In the Q&A section, Professor Dylan Minor’s research is cited: if you sit next to a poor performer at work, your likelihood of being fired sharply increases.

Harvard Business Review

Why CEOs Can’t Stay Silent in the Wake of Events Like Charlottesville – 08/21/17
Article by Professor Nour Kteily discusses the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville and how CEOs and business leaders are responding. CEOs can influence by being painfully clear and encouraging employees to support each other, amongst other things.

The Atlantic

Are You Sure You Want Single Payer – 08/21/17
Article explains how difficult it would be for Americans to transition to a single payer, “Medicare for all” system of healthcare, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the changes one could expect on a system like this. “We would see a degradation in the customer-service side of health care.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

Coming soon to a strip mall near you: An MRI provider – 08/19/17
Article discusses the growth seen throughout the medical field in outpatient providers and “strip mall health care.” Professor Joel Shalowitz was quoted saying that hospitals should not be too concerned about this new competition.


Beyond Virtual Reality: Synthetic Reality And Our Co-Created Futures – 08/18/17
Article co-authored by Professors Robert Wolcott and Moran Cerf discusses how as virtual reality matures, users will become increasingly engaged in co-creation, where people can create their own realities and interact with them.

Huffington Post

How Did We Get to Charlottesville – 08/18/17
Article by Professor Philip Kotler examines the recent events that took place in Charlottesville and how they were handled by the Trump administration.

Poets & Quants

The Favorite Professors of Executive MBAs – 08/18/17
Article highlights Executive MBAs’ favorite professors, noting Professor Harry Kraemer on page three as a professor who gives “an ample sprinkling of common sense.”

Tasty Trade

Bootstrapping in America – 08/18/17
Radio segment with Professor Linda Darragh discusses Kellogg’s entrepreneurship curriculum, the collaborative environment of the Global Hub, and Darragh’s background in entrepreneurship.