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How Food Companies Watch What You Eat – 12/02/13
Reports on how food companies conduct market research and information gathering on their target audiences and quotes Professor Kelly Goldsmith who comments on ethnography as a research technique.

Reuters UK

U.S. HealthCare.gov website faces new tests as traffic builds – 12/02/13
Reports on Sunday’s announcement about the Healthcare.gov site, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite who said it represented "dramatic progress," but that the fixes mainly brought the website to "the baseline of what we need the site to be able to do." Also ran in the Chicago Tribune.

Seeking Alpha

Will Starbucks Assembly-Line Coffee System Hurt Investors? – 12/02/13
Discusses how baristas follow “The Playbook,” which was written about in Kellogg Insight’s blog "The Operations Room."

Business Standard

Pricing is a challenge, every global brand has to find margin of opportunity: Tim Calkins – 12/01/13
A Q&A with Professor Tim Calkins on how India is price-sensitive and challenging for foreign brands to make a healthy return on investment.

Associated Press

Black Friday? Retailers Give Thanksgiving Day Shoppers Earlier Start Bargains – 11/29/13
Reports on the early sales for Black Friday and cites research from Kellogg and Dartmouth that found that stores have seen increased sales from people who buy online and pick up in stores (BOPS).

Wall Street Journal

Q&A: What the Health-Care Law Delay Means for Small Businesses – 11/27/13
Professor Leemore Dafny discusses the ACA’s delay for buying insurance via online exchanges until 2014 and its impact on small businesses.

Yahoo Finance

Obamacare Aftermath: Fewer Doctors, Higher Costs – 11/27/13
Article on the Affordable Care Act cites research from Kellogg (conducted by Professor Craig Garthwaite) that indicates ACA rules intended to rein in costs and lower Medicare reimbursement could actually decrease available care.


Radio interview on Black Friday and Branding – 11/26/13
Reporter John Cody discusses how Black Friday became a brand synonymous with holiday discounts with Professor Tim Calkins.

New York Times

In the Health Law, an Open Door for Entrepreneurs – 11/24/13
Includes Professor Craig Garthwaite, a co-author of one of two recent studies that conclude the Affordable Care Act could spur entrepreneurship by easing job lock due to people staying in a job mainly for the health insurance. Garthwaite also notes the importance of getting the website working.


The Importance of Managing Your Personal Brand – 11/22/13
Roxanne Hori’s biweekly blog post reflects on lessons from a panel discussion on managing and developing your brand at Kellogg’s Black Management Association conference.

Business Insider

Obama’s Fix to ‘If You Like It, You Can Keep It’ Is a Destructively Easy Way Out – 11/21/13
Reprint of a byline article by Professors David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite about the ACA and President Obama’s promise.

The Hindu Business Line

'It’s not enough to be just a good brand' – 11/21/13
Covers a one-on-one interview with Professor Tim Calkins about the challenges Indian brands face abroad, and vice versa.

Chicago Tribune

Affordable Care Act: lessons on innovation rollouts, expectations and naysayers – 11/20/13
In the Tribune’s new Blue Sky edition, Professors Walter Scott and James Shein comment on the management of private contractors working on the Affordable Care Act rollout.

Fierce Pharma

Ex-Teva chief Jeremy Levin to MBA grads: Anyone have a job for me? – 11/20/13
Reports on ex-Teva executive Jeremy Levin’s speech at the Kellogg/Recanati School MBA conmmencement ceremony. Levin plugged his job search and discussed Israel’s political climate.

Business Insider

Meet the 24-Year Old Professional Tennis Player Running a $115 million Hedge Fund – 11/19/13
Interviews Sam Barnett, the 24-year-old founder and CEO of SBB Research Group, who is in the process of earning his Ph.D. from Northwestern. He also teaches two classes at Kellogg alongside Professor Phillip Braun.


New Kellogg Building Designed to Stimulate Ideas and the View Will Be Pretty Good Too – 11/19/13
Reports on Kellogg’s new five-story, 410K square foot global hub with dramatic views of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s skyline. The article includes coverage on the Nov. 14 groundbreaking ceremony and Dean Blount’s announcement of the $350 million capital campaign.

Chicago Tribune

Linda Darragh of Northwestern University: 'Great Innovators are Curious.' – 11/19/13
In a video interview with Professor Linda Darragh, she explains how her Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice teaches future business innovators to pursue "big ideas."

Clear Admit

Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management Unveils Design Plans for New Business School Building – 11/19/13
Reports on Kellogg’s unveiled design of the new building as the new global hub for Kellogg.

CKGSB Knowledge

Counterfeiting: Good or Bad? – 11/18/13
Reports on counterfeit products and whether it is always bad, such as purses, sneakers or sweatpants from China. The article quotes Professor Yi Qian, who has been studying the interplay of intellectual property rights (IPRs), brand value and counterfeiting.

Azo Build

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Kellogg’s New ‘Global Hub’ on Northwestern University – 11/16/13
Reports on Northwestern President Morton Schapiro and other University dignitaries who emphasized in their remarks that the five-story, approximately 410,000-square-foot global hub will reinforce Kellogg’s exceptional standing in the world and its visionary plans for the future.