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GlaxoSmithKline May Be Motivated By Scandal, But Changing Compensation Schemes For Docs And Sales Reps Is The Right Move – 12/23/13
Reports that GSK will stop paying doctors to speak about their products and will change sales rep compensation so that it does not directly tie to prescription volume. The article also cites research by Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi.


Secret Handshakes Greet Frat Brothers on Wall Street – 12/22/13
Reports on the advantage that fraternity members have in securing jobs on Wall Street and quotes Professor Lauren Rivera.

Chicago Tribune

Illinois and ADM Both Made the Right Call – 12/22/13
Op-ed by Professor Therese McGuire, makes the point that corporate tax breaks are not a good method for attracting and retaining business.

Columbus Dispatch

Worthington Industries says it has only one name – 12/22/13
Reports on Worthington Industries, a steel processing company out of Columbus, Ohio, and quotes Professor Tim Calkins on the benefits of simplifying a brand portfolio.


GE's chief marketing officer says there are things to love about data even if you're from a non-technical background – 12/19/13
Examines Professor Florian Zettlemeyer’s remarks at the GE’s Minds and Machines Conference, and posits that managers need to understand analytics in order to see success in the future.

The Huffington Post UK

Fifty International Experts in Innovation and Marketing Speak to an Audience of 5,000 in Indonesia – 12/19/13
Reports on the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) ASEAN Forum. The article highlights several statements made by KIN co-founder Professor Robert C. Wolcott during the conference, including: "An accelerator to innovation is trust - which has to be established before any idea or innovation."

AIS Health

Narrow Networks Show Success in Lowering Rates, but Demand Could Expand Choices – 12/18/13
Reports on a backlash starting because of insurers using narrow networks. Professor Craig Garthwaite notes many people who will purchase coverage on the new exchanges previously did not have insurance.


The Worst CEO Screw-Ups Of 2013 – 12/18/13
Professors Daniel Diermeier and Harry Kraemer analyze the worst CEO mistakes of 2013.

Government Executive

Leaders Do Matter, But When Does their Gender Matter Too? – 12/18/13
Reprint of a Kellogg Insight article about research from Professors Nicholas Pearce and Susan Perkins that found countries with high levels of diversity and strife have stronger economies when led by women.


The Most Unforgettable Ad Campaigns Of 2013 – 12/17/13
Reports that the most memorable ads of 2013, quoting Professor Derek Rucker on what is needed to create an effective ad.

The Indian Express

IIM-Ahmedabad to host third edition of India Finance Conference – 12/16/13
Reports on the third India Finance Conference taking place Dec. 18-19 and the inaugural address will be delivered by Professor Ravi Jagannathan.

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times – 12/13/13
Reports on the new advertising blitz for the Affordable Care Act, targeting eight major markets and costing $1 million in federal money. Dr. Joel Shalowitz said delaying the ads until worked “was absolutely the right thing to do,” because going to a site that didn’t work well would give consumers a negative association with it.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Harry Kraemer, former Baxter CEO, honored by One Acre Fund – 12/12/13
Reports that One Acre Fund honored one of their biggest supporters, Professor Harry Kraemer. He is the executive partner of Madison Dearborn Partners and the author of “From Values to Action: The Four Principals of Values-Based Leadership.” All proceeds from his book benefit One Acre Fund.

Chicago Tribune

Office Depot picks Boca Raton, Fla., over Naperville for headquarters – 12/11/13
Reports on Office Depot’s pick of Boca Raton, Fla., over Naperville for its headquarters. Professor Therese McGuire comments on how states compete to retain firms. The story also ran in the Daily Herald, Rockford Register Star and the Daily Journal.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Northwestern alumni couple pledge $5.2 million – 12/11/13
Herbert Gullquist and his wife, Anne Gullquist, have committed $5.25 million to Northwestern University's new facilities, which will expand the school's economics department and Kellogg. A story on this topic also ran in Evanston Now.


Innovative Thinking Keeps Family Businesses Ticking – 12/11/13
Professor John Ward discusses how family businesses focus more on preserving assets and family reputation unlike non-family businesses that invest more in risk for a higher yield.


IPO market fever rises with issuance highest since 2000 – 12/11/13
Reports on how some IPOs are the breakout stars on Wall Street and quotes Professor Benjamin Iverson on the risk of investing in IPOs.

Washington Post

Banks’ World Under Dodd-Frank Takes Shape With Volcker Rule – 12/11/13
Reports on the changes to be made due to Volcker’s rule and the Dodd-Frank Act. Professor David Stowell comments on what the early changes look like and how these changes can already be seen in sectors of the industry. The story also ran in Bloomberg.

Crain’s Chicago Business

McKinsey Leads MBA Hiring at Booth and Kellogg – 12/10/13
Reports that nearly 40 percent of Kellogg’s graduating class land consulting jobs and one-third of Booth’s get hired in financial services. It notes McKinsey & Co is the top employer at both schools. Kellogg's 2013 graduates will earn an average of $120,903. The median salary for Booth's graduates is $115,000.

The Fiscal Times

Why Wall Street Analysts Are Tepid on Twitter – 12/09/13
Reports on Twitter’s IPO and quotes Professor Anup Sirivastava, who says profitability can be a “vague” concept.