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Strategy + Business

Efraim Benmelech on Financial Disease – 01/22/14
A video Q&A with Professor Efraim Benmelech to discuss the lifecycle of a financial crisis.

MSN Money

Companies woo pot smokers with edgy ads – 01/21/14
Article covers the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and the state’s recent ad campaign. Professor Tim Calkins is quoted on how brands are responding to this.

Poets and Quants

Where Top MBAs Work In Private Equity – 01/21/14
Article explores the amount of business school graduates who go to work in top privet equity firms. Schools analyzed include the top 10 business schools rated by P&Qs.

Sydney Morning Herald

NBA era ending as David Stern prepares to vacate his corner office on level 15 – 01/21/14
Article discusses the NBA with David Stern and includes Professor Keith Murnighan, who compared Stern's success to that of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., who died in 2011. Article also ran in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Palm Beach Post

Great Innovators Over 40 – 01/21/14
Article discusses people who have made major innovations after forty. Professor Benjamin F. Jones is mentioned for his study that found the average Nobel Prize winner and great inventors is 39.

BBC News Magazine

Detroit: The branding of a bankrupt city – 01/20/14
Article covers how brands are using Detroit’s reputation of being the underdog. Professor Tim Calkins comments on how audiences are relating to the struggles Detroit faces through financial times, and that helps your brand become a brand people want to root for.

Chicago Tribune Blue Sky

Matt Moog's consumer-review site Viewpoints launches new platform – 01/20/14
Professor John D. Gray comments on Matt Moog's new website that is based on customer reviews saying his “approach offers a potentially rich market, as long as it protects the credibility of customer reviews.”

Strategy + Business

Efraim Benmelech on Financial Contagion – 01/20/14
A Q&A with Professor Efraim Benmelech to discuss his research on causes and containment of financial contagion.

Ad Age

Yoplait Calls Out Chobani by Name in Greek Yogurt Taste Test Campaign – 01/19/14
Article looks at the faceoff between yogurt brands, Yoplait and Chobani and specifically their marketing efforts. The article also quotes Professor Tim Calkins, "You don't see that many comparative ads running these days.”

NBC News

Companies woo the weed crowd with artful, edgy ads – 01/19/14
Article covers how some brands are targeting their marijuana smoking audience now that forms of legalization are occurring in some states. Professor Tim Calkins explains that this is effective only for some brands. Article also ran in the Daily Mail.


Learning by Doing is Important, Execution is Key – 01/17/14
Reports on a presentation by Kellogg Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla at the CMO League.


"Stay Focused ‘Til the Numbers are Counting” – 01/17/14
A Q&A with Kellogg Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla to discuss his presentation at the CMO League.

Smithfield expands partnership with NASCAR team – 01/16/14
Article reports that Smithfield wants to expand its sponsorship with NASCAR, after research showed NASCAR fans eat 20% more bacon, ham and sausage than an average American. Former professor Mark Jeffery expressed how this sponsorship could be beneficial and profitable.

The China Post

Entrepreneur pens Chinese business savvy book – 01/16/14
Article discusses Zhao Yancheng's book “The Causes of Wealth of People” which is based on Chinese people's experiences of starting businesses in the country. The book is forwarded by Professor Lloyd Shefsky. Also covered in: China Daily, Doing business the Chinese way, 1/13/14

Marketplace World

Just how seriously should we take the latest bank earnings? – 01/15/14
Reports on banks’ quarterly outlook reports and quotes Professor David Stowell who says that others should analyze the financial reports and look through the accounting noise.

Poets and Quants

Kellogg Extends Video Essay Deadline – 01/15/14
Reports on Assistant Dean of Admissions, Kate Smith's announcement that Kellogg is extending the video essay deadline for some applicants who have connectivity problems. The article gives an example of the letter applicants would have received.

Trader Planet

Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge – 01/15/14
Reports on the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge and how they have teamed up with Kellogg and INSEAD, for a competition to create market-based solutions for economic, social and environmental problems.

Chicago Tribune

Rex Huppke: LGBT ally groups can improve an office – 01/14/14
Column on how LGBT employees often feel “closeted” in the workspace quotes Professor Brayden King who says support from heterosexual workers has always been key to making workplaces more accepting of LGBT employees.

Civil Engineering

Business School Design Combines Curves, Views – 01/14/14
Architectural magazine reports on Kellogg’s plans to build a $350 million facility to house the business school.

The Startup Accelerator Wars [INFOGRAPHIC] – 01/14/14
Professor Yael Hochberg asserts in an article on accelerators and startups, that entrepreneurs need to recognize that even 75 percent of venture-backed firms fail.