Kellogg in the News

Chicago Sun-Times

Phone tax won't keep $20B pension bill on hold for long – 06/13/14
Article reports that raising Chicago’s phone tax is an effort to avoid raising property taxes. Quotes Professor Donald Haider, who said the phone tax is “not sustainable” and does not “provide the yield and predictability of property taxes.”


Racing with Machines: Labor Force Innovation and the New Digital Frontier – 06/13/14
Article credits Professor Adam Waytz for coining the term “botsourcing,” which is when work is delegated to robots.

Poets & Quants

Meet The Fashion-Forward MBAs – 06/13/14
Article includes interview with Sonali Lamba, a Kellogg graduate who founded online dress shop Brideside with another Kellogg MBA. “In true Kellogg form, I really approached the industry by seeking out the consumer pain point and where that is the biggest and where you can monetize it,” she said.


To Become a Better Leader, Be Aware – 06/12/14
Article by Lecturer Karen Cates argues that business schools and corporate mentorship programs need to put more emphasis on softer skills like self-awareness and empathy in order to create better leaders.

The Marker

The Coffee Machine that Almost ‘Killed’ Starbucks – 06/12/14
Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about his new book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive: The Keys to Success for Any Start-Up, Entrepreneur, or Family Business, in which he speaks with 26 leaders of big companies like Starbucks, Costco, Staples and Hyatt. Original article is in Hebrew.

Financial Times

Review: Roadside MBA by Michael Mazzeo, Paul Oyer and Scott Schaefer – 06/11/14
The reviewer says Professor Michael Mazzeo’s book is “an excellent primer on dealing with problems that keep managers of small businesses awake at night.”

Financial Times

Review: Roadside MBA – 06/11/14
Reviewer says Professor Michael Mazzeo’s book, Roadside MBA “…turns out to be an excellent primer on dealing with problems that keep managers of small businesses awake at night.”


Sprint-T-Mobile Talks Give Chance to Ditch Brand Stigma – 06/10/14
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “T-Mobile and Sprint have a lot of baggage, so creating a new name may be the way to go.”


A Cross-Country Trip Uncovers Profitable Strategies of U.S. Firms for Growth – 06/10/14
Professor Michael Mazzeo writes about strategies for business growth, including looking for opportunities to scale and focusing on existing capabilities.


What small businesses do better than corporate America – 06/10/14
Article by Professor Michael Mazzeo gives five tips on how small businesses can succeed over their larger competitors.

Built In Chicago

Page Vault's court evidence tool wins Northwestern's venture competition – 06/09/14
NUVC awarded a total of $170,000 in cash – the most it has offered in a single year – to Northwestern student startups. Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said, “When we start building teams here at Kellogg, they have to come in with a problem, not an idea.”


Kotler, Tripodi, And Comstock: Three New Hall-Of-Famers On How To Succeed In Marketing – 06/09/14
Professor Philip Kotler was inducted into the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame. In his acceptance speech, Kotler said, “Marketing doesn’t just go on in the commercial marketplace, it goes on everywhere. It’s a mind state.”

Huffington Post

To Take on the Empowerment Gap, We Need to Change the Narrative of Education – 06/09/14
Article cites research by Professor Nicole Stephens that found that middle- and upper-class cultural norms that pervade traditional American universities — norms that emphasize independent values such as “do your own thing,” “pave your own path,” and “express yourself” — can undermine the academic performance of first-generation students.

The Wall Street Journal

Evidence and Custom Cancer Care – 06/09/14
A letter to the editor by Professor Joel Shalowitz in which he suggests an alternative solution to the problem of overspending in the healthcare industry.

Innovation Excellence

Can Your Organization Dance with StartUps? – 06/08/14
Video interview with Lecturer Dean DeBiase on his experience bringing together multinational corporations with startups to accelerate their growth.

New York Times

In Pitching Veggies to Kids, Less Is More – 06/07/14
Article about Professor Michal Maimaran’s research on what entices children to eat healthy foods.

Blue Sky Innovation

Page Vault leads the way at Northwestern University Venture Challenge – 06/06/14
Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said that prize money is a nice way to help build a company but that Kellogg teaches students that “revenue is the best source of funding.”

Financial Times

London Business School and Fudan launch Masters in Management – 06/06/14
LBS already has campuses in London and Dubai and teaches in New York and Hong Kong in collaboration with Columbia Business School and Hong Kong University. Cornell and Kellogg’s programs in China are also mentioned.

Blue Sky Innovation

Reading ideas from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs – 06/05/14
Quotes Professor Michael Mazzeo on his favorite business books and what he’s reading now.


“No broccoli, no dessert,” right? Wrong. – 06/05/14
Reprint of a Kellogg Insight article about Professor Michal Maimaran’s research on what entices children to eat healthy foods.