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Events and Conferences

Marketing Conference (Donald P. Jacobs Center)

January 24, 2015

Today’s increasingly complex omni-channel environment has created a consumer experience far more layered and transparent than before, forcing marketers to be more and more creative to differentiate their brands. Through two keynotes and six panels, The Marketing Outliers: Growing Outside the Comfort Zone will look at the history, trends and takeaways of recent strategic decisions, campaigns, and tactics - both successful and failed - that went far beyond the standard marketing playbook.

Energy Conference (James L. Allen Center)

February 25, 2015

Energy 2.0: Growth in a Post-shale Gas World, will explore business opportunities in a new energy economy fueled by cheap natural gas. The conference will provide insights on the impact of fracking on traditional business models in the energy and utility sectors, as well as implications for policymakers. In addition, the conference will discuss growth opportunities and risks in a global context and how industry leaders and entrepreneurs can best capitalize the benefits of shale gas.

Latin America Business Conference (James L. Allen Center)

March 07, 2015

Harnessing Latin America’s Greatest Growth Opportunities will provide an understanding of the region’s role in the world economy, how to do business in Latin America and the expansion of its culture within U.S. businesses. The conference will feature keynote speakers and panels on topics including, The business opportunities provided by Latin American culture, cross cultural consulting, expanding U.S. businesses into Latin America and conducting business in Latin America and competing on a global scale. Attendees will draw valuable lessons about Latin American culture, its business environment and what makes it an attractive region to invest, partner with and expand into.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference (University Club)

April 15, 2015

Building Value in the New Era of Private Equity and Venture will explore challenges amidst key shifts in the private equity and venture capital landscape. Participants will hear perspectives from both new entrants into direct private markets investing, and private equity and venture capital general partners adjusting to the new realities. Sessions will dive into recent cases of firms building value during periods of change, bringing in perspectives of private equity and venture capital partners, portfolio company leaders, lenders, and bankers.

Sports Business Conference (James L. Allen Center)

April 18, 2015

This year’s conference seeks to understand how the latest innovations, both in and out of the stadium, strategically engage and build loyalty with corporate sponsors and fans. Panel topics at Re-Defining Growth: Leveraging the Latest Innovations to Capture Fan Value will center on the effects and challenges surrounding new in-game technologies and amenities, breakout players in the sports business industry, and the changing face of the field as leagues and media networks look to attract wider fan demographics.

Retail and Luxury Goods Conference (James L. Allen Center)

April 22, 2015

The Shifting Landscape of Customer Engagement in Retail and Luxury, will look at how retailers are balancing the evolution of customers’ approach to decision making and the sustained importance of traditional engagement channels such as brick and mortar storefronts. Speakers will explore how social commerce is altering how customers make decisions, and the choices of many online retailers to expand into physical stores despite success online.

Greater China Business Conference (James L. Allen Center)

May 09, 2015

China has witnessed incredible economic development since opening its doors to the world thirty-six years ago. But China’s growth is also facing fierce challenges from multiple angles and its annual GDP growth will inevitably slow to less than 8%. China’s Next Chapter: Future Growth Engine will discuss what this means for both domestic and multinational companies, and how these corporations can take advantage of opportunities during this economic transition period.