McCormick / NICO / Kellogg 2018: 4th Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science

Hosted by the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL USA


Livestream videos from the 4th International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2) in Evanston, IL on July 13-15, 2018. Please note, each session has a different livestream link which you can find listed below. Videos will be archived and made available to view again at a later date.

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Friday 7/13 Morning Session. Video:
  • Welcome by Dean Julio Ottino, Brian Uzzi and Noshir Contractor
  • Keynotes: Duncan Watts, Iain Couzin, Nitesh Chawla and Marta Sales-Pardo

Friday 7/13 Afternoon Session. Video TBA
  • Keynotes: David Ferrucci

Saturday 7/14 Morning Session. Video:
  • Keynotes: Damon Centola, Aaron Clauset, Marta C.Gonzalez

Saturday 7/14 Afternoon Session. Video:
  • Keynotes: Matt Jackson, David Lazer

Sunday 7/15 Session. Video:
  • Keynotes: Tanzeem Choudhury, Lada Adamic
  • Closing Remarks by Noshir Contractor & Brian Uzzi
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