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The Business of Science.

The Business of Medicine: An Intense Course Turns Accomplished Medical Faculty into Better Leaders

An innovative new certificate program taught by Kellogg faculty aims to equip Northwestern PhDs with the skills they need to make a difference in the marketplace — and the world

Twenty-six McCormick Students Selected for Business Certificate Program

50 Selected to Attend Management for Scientists and Engineers Course

Executive Education
The biomedical industry is fast moving, highly entrepreneurial and complex. To succeed, one must understand the connections between its major components — core business functions, cutting-edge technologies, entrepreneurship and marketing. In this science-driven sector, both scientists and managers need to understand and speak each other’s language to have the greatest impact on their organizations. The Kellogg School's Center for Biotechnology provides outstanding programs for both scientists and managers in the industry to complement and enhance their leadership capacities.

Business for Scientists
The Business for Scientists certificate program is designed to introduce company scientists, research faculty, postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students to business concepts and industry specific tools and frameworks. The program covers basic knowledge in accounting, strategy, finance, marketing and management and their relevance to the biomedical sector. Faculty will discuss the structure and dynamics of the industry and walk through the process of building a firm, from value identification to value capture. The program enables the participants to think of how innovation moves from the bench to the market.

Science for Managers
Everything and everyone is affected by biotechnology—from food and health to information technology and national security. Leaders in today’s economy need to be fluent in the current technologies that are shaping our world. Knowledge of scientific vocabulary is not only desirable but essential for success in what is fast becoming the “Biotechnology Century.” The Science for Managers program is designed to provide executives and managers with a practical understanding of the scientific and development foundations in the life sciences. You will learn the science behind the industry so you can more effectively communicate and perform in this complex environment. A team of world-class faculty from Johns Hopkins and Northwestern University will provide you with the tools you need to thrive in your industry.

Management Skills for Innovative University Leaders (for only Northwestern faculty)
Great leaders are the foundation of great universities. Northwestern is poised for substantial growth that will require stepped-up efforts in many areas, including effective interactions across schools and with other institutions.  Faculty leadership is particularly important in these ventures, especially for those who can work across boundaries.  In collaboration with other schools, the Kellogg School of Management offers this customized leadership program to facilitate growth and collaboration across the university. Management Skills for Innovative University Leaders introduces faculty to business concepts and specific tools and frameworks for effective leadership. This intensive program—now in its fourth year—is offered in three modules of three days each. The program’s cost is supported by the participating schools as a commitment to leadership development.

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