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Year Recipient Topic
2006 Robert C. Merton How to Pursue Both Comparative Advantage and Efficient Diversification of Risk: An Application of Derivative Securities
2005 John O. Ledyard Information Markets
2004 Daniel Kahneman Psychology & Behavioral Economics
2003 Bengt R. Holmstrom Corporate Governance
2002 Eric Maskin How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Application of Auction Theory
2001 David Baron Private Politics
2000 Oliver Hart Financial Contracting
1999 Joeseph E. Stiglitz The Theory of Bankruptcy in Modern Capitalism
1998 Ariel Rubinstein Topics in Language and Economics
1997 David M. Kreps Anticipated Utility and Dynamic Choice
1996 Nancy L. Stokey Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves: The Economics of Social Mobility
1995 Roy Radner Economic Survival
1994 Robert B. Wilson Negotiation With Private Information: Litigation and Strikes
1993 Peter A. Diamond Issues in Social Insurance
1992 Kenneth J. Arrow Information and Returns to Scale
1991 Gary S. Becker On Habits, Addictions, and Traditions
1990 Vernon L. Smith Experimental Economics: Behavioral Lessons for Theory and Microeconomic Policy
1989 Reinhard Selten Evolution, Learning, and Economic Behavior
1988 Truman F. Bewley Knightian Uncertainty
1987 Robert E. Lucas, Jr. On the Mechanics of Economic Development
1986 Robert J. Aumann Cooperation, Rationality, and Bounded Rationality
1985 Menachem E. Yaari On the Role of 'Dutch Books' in the Theory of Choice Under Risk
1984 Andreu Mas-Colell On the Theory of Perfect Competition
1983 Hugo Sonnenschein The Economics of Incentives: An Introductory Account