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Dynamic imagery brings the full range of the Kellogg experience to life — from serious study and research to animated group discussions and social activities. Not all photos must include people, but when they do, individuals should appear naturally engaged in their activities rather than formally posed. Of course, some situations likely will be posed formally, such as a group photo of a winning team.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when creating and using photography and illustration for Kellogg communications:

  • Use photography or illustration that is appropriate for the content, tone, audience and production level.
  • Use bold, bright images.
  • When the budget doesn’t allow for custom-created imagery, use typography and color rather than “clip” art to enliven the design.
  • Use imagery to help tie a group of related communications together.
  • Use of imagery that demonstrates the richness and diversity of the Kellogg experience is encouraged.

Use photographs of people in action and show their faces. Use illustration in a variety of styles that are appropriate for our subject matter. Type and color can be used instead of imagery to support the message of a communication.

Creating a distinctive look

The Kellogg brand encompasses everything that happens at Kellogg, so the complete Kellogg logo is the appropriate visual symbol to represent groups within the school. When you create communications for a program, department, special project or club, instead of developing a unique logo that will compete with the Kellogg logo and confuse viewers, consider using other design elements to achieve a distinctive look.

Typeface, color and imagery combined consistently can achieve a distinguishing, memorable look. The accompanying examples demonstrate how this approach, used in conjunction with the Kellogg logo, differentiates each publication while leveraging the strength of the Kellogg brand.

Consult with MarComm if you need help. Our marketing and design experts are available to guide you.


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