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The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University has a long-standing policy of protecting the symbols that are associated with its name and reputation. This policy provides Kellogg with a formal means to protect the use of its name and marks, to promote the image of Kellogg to the public as well as to the academic community, and to ensure that Kellogg shares in the benefits derived from commercial use of its marks.

The Kellogg School of Management has exclusive rights to its name, logos and trademarks, and prohibits any unauthorized use. Kellogg protects the use of Kellogg’s name and insignias, monitors their usage, and ensures that the public properly identifies and associates the Kellogg brand with Kellogg-sponsored activities, initiatives, and printed academic and non-academic material.
The purpose of this policy statement is to provide guidance on permissible use, as well as restrictions on the use, of the Kellogg School of Management's names and marks, and to clarify responsibility for granting permission. Any individual, organization or company wishing to use Kellogg's marks must have specific permission and shall be regulated by the Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern University. The purpose of these restrictions is to ensure that:

  • Products bearing Kellogg's marks are of good quality;
  • Each use reflects positively on the Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern University;
  • Products are made by companies that meet U.S. Fair Labor Standards; and
  • Any revenues generated on the sale of products and/or academic and non-academic materials generate revenues for the school.

The Kellogg School of Management may not be listed as a sponsor or collaborating presenter and the logo may not be included on any print or electronic materials without first contacting the Marketing & Communications department.

The Kellogg School of Management logo should be included in any official communication regarding Kellogg School of Management news or events.

Any use of the Kellogg logo on materials or products offered for financial consideration is prohibited without express permission from the Kellogg School (see Marketing & Communications). For example, the Kellogg logo should appear only on cases officially part of the Kellogg Case Collection. Cases not part of the Kellogg Case Collection are not authorized to include the logo.
Materials copyrighted by individual faculty or affiliates may not use the Kellogg logo without permission. The Kellogg logo is reserved for materials copyrighted by the Kellogg School of Management or materials used to officially represent the Kellogg School.

Do not attempt to take the logo from the website or scan it from other sources in order to design any independent or personal print or electronic publications. The Marketing & Communications team must be consulted in the design and production of any publications that use the Kellogg School of Management logo.

Some pre-approved templates or guides that include the logo are available in the Templates section of this site. All other uses of the logo must be coordinated by the Marketing & Communications department. Students, faculty and staff may download the logo here (password required).

Kellogg School Departments and Affiliated Organizations
Kellogg School departments and affiliated organizations may not assign, sublicense or modify the name Kellogg School of Management or any marks of the Kellogg School of Management. All products or materials which departments, centers or affiliated organizations wish to have produced bearing the name and marks of Kellogg are regulated by the Marketing & Communications department.

Royalties and Fees
The Kellogg School assesses permission and royalty fees on Kellogg Case Collection case sales. Royalties generated by the case sales are transferred to the Kellogg School of Management funds and author royalties are disbursed annually.

Northwestern University
Northwestern University publishes additional information regarding the use of the university name and brands that fall within the parent organization. These policies include the use of the Northwestern University and Kellogg School of Management names and their marks in all commercial products. Learn more here.



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