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Co-branding communications with other entities
The Kellogg School and its various units often collaborate in many different ways with external corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and other academic institutions. Such collaboration may include conducting or funding joint research projects, sponsoring conferences and symposia, launching demonstration projects or participating in human services initiatives, to name only a few.

Sometimes Kellogg takes the primary or leadership role in these efforts. In others, we may be equal partners and simply a supporting organization. Communication materials relating to these efforts are usually “co-branded” with the names and logos of all participants. The role we play usually determines how the Kellogg logo appears on co-branded print and electronic communications.

General guidelines for co-branding
Here are some rules of thumb for applying the Kellogg School logo when developing communication materials in collaboration with entities that are not part of the Kellogg School of Management.

When Kellogg is the lead partner:

  • Kellogg complete logo is most prominent.
  • Follow Kellogg brand guidelines.

When Kellogg is an equal partner:

  • Kellogg complete logo is displayed equally with partner logo/s in both size and location.
  • Follow Kellogg brand guidelines if possible.

When Kellogg is a support partner:

  • Lead partner logo is most prominent.
  • Follow partner’s brand guidelines without violating the Kellogg brand guidelines.

Please consult with MarComm for all communications projects that involve co-branding and the appropriate use of the Northwestern University identity.


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