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The complete logo
The complete Kellogg logo consists of three elements sized and placed together in the specific configuration shown here.

  • Northwestern University seal
  • Kellogg word mark
  • Descriptor: School of Management

The complete logo on commercial products
When using the complete logo on commercial products (e.g., sweatshirts, tote bags), include the registered trademark symbol, ®, as shown in the accompanying example. To ensure our parent brand, Northwestern University, is properly represented, a text block of the university name, will also appear on products. See Branding Northwestern University.

The name “Kellogg” and the letter “K” are registered marks when they refer to our school. Northwestern’s Trademark Licensing Office has recommended where the “circle R” mark should be used, which is on apparel and other gift-type products on which the Kellogg logo and Northwestern identity are not represented. This policy mostly impacts student clubs whose name or logo includes the name “Kellogg”.

When student clubs produce apparel with a club name that includes “Kellogg,” or the letter “K” signifying Kellogg AND when the Kellogg logo and NU identity are not also on the apparel or other premium items, then they must add the ® registered mark adjacent to the word Kellogg in the club name.

Example: Kellogg® Professional Club

The name “Kellogg” and the letter “K” are prohibited from use in a font closely resembling the branded font of the Kellogg Company or in the color red, as these are registered marks of the cereal manufacturer. Similarly, the Kellogg School logo or word mark may not be printed on a red background or product such as a red T-shirt.

Word mark without the seal
In certain instances (for example, when embroidered at smaller sizes), the word mark can be used without the seal. This kind of usage always requires MarComm approval.

Complete logo art files
MarComm maintains a library of approved complete logo art files in the correct colors, color systems, file formats and resolutions for specific applications. For example:

  • A low-resolution RGB JPEG is appropriate for the Web
  • A vector PMS EPS file is appropriate for offset printing
  • Please consult with MarComm to determine what will work best for your project and to have the correct file/s sent to vendors. Use these files just as provided. Never alter the complete logo in any way.

Files for the complete logo are available in the colors shown in the accompanying examples.

  • These are the only colors that may be used, along with white (electronic) or reverse (printed).
  • When using Kellogg purple, please specify PMS® 268 for print and #4F2170 for electronic communications.
  • Please note that a white background is preferred for the two-color complete logo.
  • The 4-color (CMYK) equivalent purple is 82C + 100M + 12K

The complete logo or word mark may be reversed to white out of Kellogg purple or black, or it may be reversed out of any color, including screened backgrounds, as long as:

  • There is sufficient contrast between the complete logo and the background
  • The complete logo or word mark is clearly legible
  • The background or product color is not red (because red is a trademarked color associated with the Kellogg's cereal brand).

When using the complete logo over a photo:

  • The area of the photo where the complete logo is placed should not have a pattern that competes with the clarity or legibility of the complete logo.
  • There should be ample contrast between the complete logo and the background.
  • Use a black or Kellogg purple complete logo on light photos and a reverse complete logo on dark photos.

Clear area
To maximize the visibility and impact of the complete logo, maintain a clear area on all sides.

  • The required clear area is equal to one-half the height of the lowercase letters in the word mark.
  • Measure the clear area from the outermost edge of each element as shown in the accompanying diagram.
  • Keep other graphic elements such as type, images and other logos out of the clear area to ensure the complete logo retains a strong presence wherever it appears.
  • See Branding Northwestern University for more guidelines.

The clear area described here is a minimum requirement. Whenever possible, allow even more space around the complete logo.

The complete logo should appear at least once and in a prominent position on every communication Kellogg produces. On electronic documents, try to place the logo on the left or right side at the top of the first page. On print communications, place it on the front and/or back cover.

On Web pages, the complete logo should appear in the header of all top-level and standing pages. The distance from the complete logo to any edge should be at least .25”, preferably more.

Minimum sizes for print
While the complete logo or word mark can be used at any size that is appropriate for the communication, please follow these guidelines for minimum size.

  • The minimum complete logo size is 1.75” wide. Because the seal is very detailed, use the complete logo larger than the minimum size whenever possible.
  • Even if you are using the complete logo larger than the minimum size, ensure that all elements of the complete logo will reproduce properly, especially in media such as newsprint where production values are not dependable.

Resizing the complete logo
When resizing the complete logo using vector-based software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator), be sure to scale strokes. This is especially noticeable in the thickness of the outer ring of the Northwestern seal.

When resizing the complete logo, be sure to preserve the aspect ratio, so that the percentage change in width and height is the same. This is especially noticeable in retaining the circular shape of the Northwestern seal.

Complete logo as an electronic link
When the complete logo appears as a live link on a Website or other electronic communication, it should link to the Kellogg home page. Please limit the use of electronic versions of the complete logo to official Kellogg sites unless outside use is approved by MarComm.

Incorrect use of the Kellogg School logo
Applying the logo correctly in print, electronic and other visual communications promotes clarity and consistency in all Kellogg School communications. Incorrect usage diminishes its impact and value.

Please do not:

  • Scan the complete logo, recreate it or drag it from the Web
  • Use the complete logo with a border, drop shadow or any other additional element
  • Crop or bleed the complete logo off the edge of a page or screen
  • Tint or screen the complete logo
  • Change the color of the logo
  • Tilt, rotate or skew the complete logo
  • Use the complete logo or any logo element as a background

Minimum size requirements for gift items

  • All gifts must use the Kellogg logo version with ®
  • Debossing on hard surfaces, deep etching on glass and crystals:
    Minimum font size for Northwestern type treatment: 14 pt
    Minimum size of Kellogg logo: 5” wide
  • Debossing on soft surfaces:
    Minimum font size for Northwestern type treatment: 12 pt
    Minimum size of Kellogg logo: 3.5” wide
  • Screen printing (T-shirts):
    Minimum font size for Northwestern type treatment: 10 pt
    Minimum size of Kellogg logo: 2.5” wide
  • Laser engraving and pad printing on most items:
    Minimum font size for Northwestern type treatment: 6 pt
    Minimum size of Kellogg logo: 1.5” wide
  • Embroidery:
    Minimum font size for Northwestern type treatment: 19 pt
    Minimum size of Kellogg logo: 45” wide (without the Northwestern seal)


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