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Commercial Products

When creating commercial products such as T-shirts, mugs and bags using the Kellogg School logo and Northwestern University identity, you must use the registered trademark version of the Kellogg logo. Special note: The Kellogg School logo or word mark may not be printed on red products, because red is a trademarked color associated with the Kellogg's cereal brand.

       Please allow sufficient time (about one month including production time) to complete the following required steps:

    1. Review the guidelines for using the Kellogg mark or name on commercial products.
    2. As early as possible, mock up and submit your design to Kay Meyer in Marketing & Communications for initial approval. This will save you time and money.
    3. Select a vendor from the list of licensed local retailers provided by Northwestern’s Trademark Licensing Office. Only vendors  licensed through Northwestern University may create products bearing the Kellogg and Northwestern University names, logos or identities. The licensing office can help you select an appropriate vendor.
    4. Submit your design to the licensed vendor.
    5. [This step for students only] Concurrently, download and complete this form (.pdf), and have it signed by a Kellogg administrator (Student Affairs for FTMBA; Megan Krueger for PTMBA; or EMBA staff member) or by your student club president or treasurer.  Submit the signed form to Ellen Barnes in Northwestern’s Trademark Licensing Office: e-mail or fax: 847.491.5600. This form ensures that any profits from the sale of your product will go directly to the Kellogg School of Management, and is required even if your item will be given away free.
    6. The  vendor will produce three samples (or a PDF proof for T-shirts) of your item  and send it to Kellogg Marketing & Communications, Northwestern’s Trademark Licensing  Office, and the licensing agency, as well as one to you, their customer. Approvals are typically granted in less than two business days.

These steps are required by Northwestern University to ensure the product’s quality and accuracy of logo reproduction, and that it is created according to federal fair labor practices and worker rights standards.




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