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The following policies have been established to ensure quality, current, relevant information on the Kellogg School Web Site and to eliminate the possibility of users accessing information that is out of date, or intended only for internal use. These policies concern the main Kellogg server, named kis-nt2. This web server is mapped to Kellogg computers as the W drive.

Any file posted on the Kellogg server has the potential of being accessed by web users. Following the policies outlined below will allow us to filter out or restrict access to information intended only for internal use, and eliminate outdated information on a regular basis to keep the Web site up-to-date.

Users who do not follow these policies may lose their access to the Kellogg School’s Web server.

The Northwestern Policies and Guidelines for network usage are also posted online.

Policies for All Users

There are to be no paid advertisements anywhere on the Kellogg School website.

All Kellogg School websites should identify themselves through use of the Kellogg School logo and the title The Kellogg School of Management.

The Kellogg Web server should be used to house only files which are intended for the Kellogg community and external audiences. It should not be used for storage of personal files, e-mail or private group collaboration. E-mail put on the server will be immediately removed. Other network options are available for file sharing and transfer. These options should be used to share or transfer files when needed. To read about the options for sharing and transferring files, please visit the KIS Web page on Sharepoint.

Web files should be reviewed so that old or redundant information may be eliminated at least once each year. The last updated date at the bottom of the page should be refreshed at that time.

Student Web files should be reviewed and old or redundant information eliminated prior to graduation so incoming classes do not have to determine the usefulness of old files.

For Faculty

Each faculty member will have a folder on the server for their use. The Kellogg server is backed up on a regular basis; however, faculty members are asked to keep back-up copies of files for their own records.

Each faculty member is required to have a vita on the Kellogg website. The vita are hosted exclusively in the directory W://faculty/bios. The department support staff can assist faculty members with creating and maintaining a Web vitae. Faculty should have only one biography file on the server. If multiple files exist, the least-recent version or version which appears incorrect will be removed.

If a faculty member leaves Kellogg and has no plans to return to the school, their faculty biography will be deleted from the server.

Each faculty member must have a current photo on the Kellogg website. For assistance with a faculty photo, please contact the Marketing & Communications department.

In the event that a faculty member leaves Kellogg, that faculty member is responsible for transferring his/her files off the server. The folder and its contents (at W:/faculty/lastname/) will be archived on disk and deleted from the server in the September following the faculty member's departure.



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