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General Guidelines

When adding an image to a Kellogg School website, make sure the image conforms to the size restrictions of your template. Full-page images can be no wider than 450 pixels and no taller than 220 pixels. Small images should be no wider than 200 pixels.

Whenever you insert an image (gif or jpg), create an “Alt tag” for it by entering a short description of the image in the “Alt” box on your Properties toolbar in Dreamweaver. This complies with U.S. Section 508 guidelines for Web accessibility.

All applicable images should be marked with photo credits. The person who posts the photo is responsible for obtaining permission for the use of the photo.

The Web department can format any original photos that are from digital cameras or paper. Please do not send images embedded in pdf or doc (Microsoft Word) files — we can’t use them.

No large graphics. Image file size should be no larger than 40 K.

Do not use animated graphics or moving banners. Do not use “blink” html tag.

The Kellogg School website does not accept paid advertisements. However, occasionally links and logos to outside organizations are used on the student conference sites. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Web editor.

Small images placed within text should go inside of a table, so provide padding between the image and the text surrounding it. If the image is 200 pixels wide, then the table should be 220 pixels wide, with three rows and two columns. Make sure that the table has a border of 0 pixels, so that the lines of the table are invisible. This leaves a column of 20 pixels to make space between the image and the text on the rest of the page. The second row (directly underneath the image) leaves room for a caption. The third row (under the caption) makes space between the image and the text. You can align the table to the right or left of the text, using the Properties box in Dreamweaver.

For example, the table should look like this (but without the 1 pixel border):


Image Details

Faculty and staff photos
Please go to Faculty Photos.

Event photography
All photography assignments should be made through Marketing & Communications to ensure quality, avoid double assignments to one event, and to archive images for future use. Request to schedule a photographer.

You may use any photos from our extensive archive on your Kellogg website. Request an existing photo.

If you have taken photos of a Kellogg School event for your department, please contact your Web rep to have the photos scanned and/or adjusted to the proper size for Web use.

Photos or other artwork sourced from outside of the Kellogg School
Any time you use a photo or other image on your website that is from an organization outside of Kellogg, it is imperative that you obtain permission to use the image on the Kellogg website. It is illegal to take a photo from another Web page without obtaining permission and displaying the correct copyright information, if required. Once you obtain permission, you may still need to adjust the photo for Web use, so contact your Web rep for assistance.



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