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If you maintain the Web site for an academic department, program, research center or an administrative department, this section has the information you need for the day to day operations of managing a Kellogg School Web site.

Getting Started  |  Web Permissions and Security  |  Updating your Department Web site

Getting Started

Before you begin editing your department's Web site, follow these two steps:

  • Contact your KIS representative, using the General Computer Service Request request a copy of the Web authoring program Dreamweaver MX. Please be aware that for staff members your department will need to purchase the license for this program.
  • Contact your Web representative to set up a training session. Your Web rep will set up your new software to connect to your Web site and will teach you everything you need to know in order to maintain and update your Web site. Please do not try to update your department's Web site before meeting with your Web rep.

Web Permissions

Web Folders

Each folder and file in the Kellogg School's Web network is coded with PERMISSIONS that allow only certain people to access and edit the contents of the files. These same permissions are also useful in keeping certain documents (or entire folders) restricted to Kellogg School viewing only.

In order to obtain the proper permission to work on a Web folder, please contact your Web representative. This is a quick and simple process usually requiring no more then an e-mail to your Web rep and your netID.

If you believe you should already have Web permissions set for a folder, but they are not working, please contact your Web representative.

Dynamically Generated Pages

Some parts of the Kellogg School site are dynamically-generated from several databases, such as our FACULTY DIRECTORY PAGES, FACULTY PUBLICATIONS SYSTEM, COURSE PAGES and COURSE CATALOG. Because these pages are generated from information in a database, they are not edited in the same way as normal HTML pages.

As the Web Administrator for your department, you will be able to update information on the Faculty Directory Pages, Faculty Publications System and add documents (Ex. Syllabi) to the dynamically-generated Course Pages. In order to do this, your will need to obtain the permissions connected with each tool . Again, this is a quick and simple process usually requiring no more then an e-mail to your Web rep and your netID.

Updating your Department Web site

Once you have obtained the software Dreamweaver MX and the proper Web permissions, and meet with your Web representative for a training session, you are ready to start updating your Department's Web site.

This Web site is full of useful information to guide you through updating your department Web site, faculty vitas, and the database-generated pages, such as those in the Faculty Directory.

If you have questions on the specifics of how to update your Department Web page, please refer to the Dreamweaver MX tutorial "Using Dreamweaver". This tutorial takes you through the basics of site structure, saving/getting/posting files, as well as how to edit text, images and tables.

If you have questions that the tutorial or this Web site do not answer, or if you would prefer the one-on-one instruction, you are always welcome to contact your Web representative.


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