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Latin American Business Conference

Share with us how you envision your next decade and get a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

It is easy and fun:

  1. 1.During the week prior to the conference (from Monday, 5/2, to Friday, 5/6) we will leave Play-Doh!s on every Atrium table.

  2. 2.Shape the Play-Doh! into what your future will look like in the next 10 years

  3. 3.Take a picture with your phone and send it to

Submissions will be posted on this page. At the end we will choose the most creative to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

James L. Allen Center

Northwestern University - Evanston Campus

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Shaping the Decade!


Featured Guests

Professor Derek Rucker

Professor Gad Allon

The Most Interesting MBA

Jose Ramos Lobo

(2011/12 LAHIMA President)

Patrick Rios

(2010/11 LAHIMA President)

Zoe Chipman

Joe Fernandez

Gaby de Faria

Rafa Hermida

Jack Jaime

Michel Kalach

Alejandro Diez Barroso

Ale Ureta

Cristobal Merino

Santiago Loizaga

Richard Custer

Sean Twersky

(2010/11 KSA EVP, Clubs and Finance)

Professor Phillip Corse

Nilam Shah

Sandra Galdos

Rosie Castillos

Kevin Poff

(“Humans on Mars!”)

Maggie Valliant

Maggie Valliant

Scott Ogawa

Andres Kasabdji

Sebastian Simonetti

The Kellogg Greater China Business Conference - May 18th, 2011


Zachary Supalla

(“Climbing the Corporate Ladder”)

Aline Silveira

(Anonymous Submission)

David Elizondo & Moy Kalach

Scott Ogawa

Kevin Bley

Aaron Horowitz

(“Future = Happiness”)

(Anonymous Submission)

(Anonymous Submission)

(Anonymous Submission)

Nicholas Nazareno

Joana Andreas

Viviane Sales & Julien Imbert

J Bowen

Jose Bulnes

Cristobal Merino

Mat Hartman

(“Angel Investor”)

Prabhdeep Bedi

Alex Chizhik

Clarissa Ramirez

Maria Sainz

Martha Stark

Sunny Dhillon

Katie Chew

Vinit Rathi and Mengha

(“10 years from now....chilling on a beach”)

Sarah Jing Jiang

(“Beauty of Mixed Experiences”)

Martin Mangino

“10 years from now...chilling on the beach”

Congratulations to Vinit Rathi and Mengha!!!

Chosen by Prof. Rucker the winners

of the $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas for the next decade!