March 2, 2013

James L. Allen Center Evanston, IL

The Kellogg Latin America Business Conference is one of the most distinguished conferences at Kellogg, bringing together current and future business leaders from Latin America or who are interested in the region. At each conference, high-level executives across different industries and countries meet to discuss current issues and future trends. Attendees gain valuable insights and walk away with an actionable understanding of the outlook for the future of Latin America.

The 2013 conference, "Introducing the Real Latin America", will invite conference participants to challenge the traditional notions of what defines Latin America, urging them to look beyond buzz words associated with Latin America and gain an understanding of what really drives the region.

This conference will focus on important concepts in Latin American business, including the role of family businesses, how the regional economy is moving from a raw material, extractive model to a more value-added and service-driven model, and the development of e-commerce in the region.