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Game changing. World changing.

Disrupting the status quo requires more than just a great idea. At the Kellogg School of Management, we equip students with the skills to drive innovation at any point in their career — whether that’s launching a startup, joining a scaling venture or reigniting growth within a company.

Our Entrepreneurship, Growth & Scaling and Corporate Innovation programs deliver the support and resources you need to achieve your ambitions. If you’ve got a bold vision, Kellogg will help you bring it to life.

Game-Changing Innovation

Learn about Kellogg’s approach to teaching entrepreneurship that drives innovation and growth.

The Business of Growth

Learn how Kellogg alumni are driving growth and innovation in companies across industry verticals.

Corporate Innovation

Learn how business leaders can stay on the cutting edge by challenging the norm in order to produce innovative products and services with lasting value.

Chart Your Own Path

Kellogg’s MBA programs are designed to give you the ability to customize your coursework based on career interests and goals. Choose from a multitude of courses and several distinct pathways in entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and growth and scaling. Our programming is designed to evolve with the business landscape so you can benefit from the kind of real-world challenges and thought leadership that matter in today’s world.

Kellogg graduates not only drive innovation, they have a reputation for developing solutions that build lasting growth across all industries, including education, agriculture, energy and technology. Click below to learn more about some of the game-changing companies developed at Kellogg.


Founded by Mathew Elenjickal ’14, FourKites provides real-time visibility and tracking solutions for trucking companies and vendors. It recently received $13 million in funding.

The Graide Network

Launched by Blair Pircon '16, The Graide Network is an online marketplace that connects teachers with qualified teaching assistants to grade and provide thorough, individualized feedback on student assignments.


MeterGenius, founded by Ty Benefiel ’14, is a platform filled with analytics tools, insight and sustainability data to help customers become energy-conscious users.

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