Kellogg on Corporate Innovation

Kellogg aims to help business leaders stay on the cutting edge by challenging the norm in order to produce truly innovative products, services and processes that create lasting value. From startups, to middle-market companies and corporations, Kellogg faculty share thought leadership on what it takes to ignite innovation, and maintain that momentum.
Kellogg professor Robert C. Wolcott on technology convergence and the future of business.

Distributed X, Technology Convergence and the Future of Business

Distributed X Transforms the World. As master of ceremonies, Professor Robert C. Wolcott has never formally presented during KIN Global before. He'll share thoughts about fundamental dynamics transforming value relationships across industries and geographies.
Kellogg alumna Bridgette Heller '85 on growing through corporate innovation

Growing through corporate innovation

When it comes to growing a new business within a larger company, you have to focus on people, processes and goals, says Bridgette Heller '85.

The First Eighteen Months

An interview with Professor Robert C. Wolcott about surviving as a corporate innovator.


How to Achieve Focused Growth

An interview with Sanjay Khosla and Mohan Sawhney about their new book, Fewer, Bigger, Bolder.
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Built to scale

Executives at middle-market companies must build the right organizational capabilities to combat the limitations that accompany the pursuit of long-term growth. Embracing the mindset to scale and making an enterprise-wide commitment to innovation are critical components of a successful strategy.

The matchmakers

Kellogg Professor Tom Kuczmarski and alumnus Luke Tanen ’14 work to change how innovation happens through the Innovators Connection

Interactive: Growing the med tech industry

Use this interactive infographic to explore how the FDA approves medical devices, then meet Kellogg alumni — from doctors to incubators to angel investors — working to grow the market.

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    How Education Must Change: Seeking Mission And Purpose In The Jobless Economy

    Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explores the ways in which the education system will be affected by artificial intelligence technology, and emphasizes the growing significance of questioning “what’s next?”

    Forbes, 10 Jun 2017

    Being Bezos Or Babbage: Leveraging The Power Of Foresight

    Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses how we can generate foresight that works for business, highlighting that foresight should be fit for purpose, explore what’s plausible, not just what’s likely, and applied to a proper timeframe for whatever your objective is.

    Forbes, 08 Jun 2017

    Sparkl can wash your filthy car in your own garage

    Article discusses the start-up Sparkl, a Chicago-based car-cleaning company, quoting Professor Mohan Sawhney on how convenience is the biggest selling point for a business like Sparkl, not environmental friendliness.

    Chicago Tribune, 06 Jun 2017

    The One Thing That Makes Investors Run the Other Way

    Article by Adjunct Lecturer Mark Achler explains how entrepreneurs can go about building their businesses, reflecting on various lessons he learned after several decades of starting, scaling, and managing businesses.

    Fortune, 05 Jun 2017