How is it possible to get both degrees in 3 years?
Northwestern University's JD-MBA program is unique in that a student may complete the program in three years rather than the four or five years required for many similar programs. Students are able to complete the requirements for both degrees by taking courses during the summer between their first and second years and by taking a number of cross-listed courses. By moving to a three-year program, we’ve allowed our students to graduate with their Law and Kellogg classes, which means a more cohesive network of contacts.

Is admission to the JD-MBA program more competitive?
The admission rate for the JD-MBA program is comparable to that of Kellogg and the School of Law. Other criteria, such as GPA and GMAT scores, are also comparable. The one area where we see a notable difference is the average number of years of work experience: The Kellogg School’s average is slightly higher than the JD-MBA average (approximately five years and four years, respectively). Note that you will be a stronger candidate for a program with which your goals and background are closely aligned.

Do I need to apply to both schools?
The JD-MBA program is highly integrated and the admissions process reflects this; candidates send just one application through Kellogg.  While this application uses a format similar to the Kellogg School’s and is sent to the Kellogg admissions office, members of admissions committees at both schools review each application.

Do I need to complete and interview with both Kellogg and the School of Law?
No. Because the application process is done through Kellogg, you will interview only with the Kellogg School of Management.

I am at another law school, can I transfer into the JD-MBA program after my first year?
No.  The JD-MBA program does not accept transfers from any school with the exception of 1Ls at Northwestern Law School.

Do I need to take the GMAT and LSAT?
Candidates are required to submit only the GMAT score; the LSAT is not required.

Can I apply for a JD or MBA only in addition to applying for a JD-MBA?
Candidates may apply for only one Kellogg School program in a given admissions season and so would not be considered for the JD-MBA and the MBA in the same year. Occasionally the School of Law will determine that a JD-MBA candidate is a better fit for the JD program and may offer admission to the School of Law separately.

How much does the program cost?
For the 2012-2013 academic year, tuition is $74,572.  Please note that tuition increases can occur during each year of the program.

Are there scholarships available to JD-MBA applicants?
Yes.  All scholarships are awarded through the Northwestern School of Law.  To be considered for scholarship assistance, you must complete a Need Access application, FAFSA, and submit your most recently filed federal tax forms. Detailed instructions and forms for completing your financial aid application can be found on the "Apply for Financial Aid" web page.  Scholarship decisions are based on a combined assessment of financial need and merit.

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