Northwestern University JD-MBA students receive all the benefits of studying in two top-tier graduate schools with renowned faculty and strong curriculums. JD-MBA students also benefit from:

An Accelerated Course of Study. Students can earn their JD and MBA in three academic years, rather than the five it takes through other joint JD-MBA programs.

A True Joint Program. The program is the most integrated of its kind with one application and one complementary course of study.

Camaraderie. The program is one of the largest in the country with an entering class size around 25 students per year. Because JD-MBAs spend their first year at the Law School and their second year at Kellogg, students graduate with their first-year classmates from both schools.

An Expanded Network. As members of the Kellogg School and Law School communities, JD-MBAs participate in the many activities of both schools, expanding their network of contacts, friends and opportunities.

A Strong Sense of Community. The student-run JD-MBA Association helps to create a strong sense of community among JD-MBA students by organizing professional and social events. Students may also take an active role in shaping the program through the association, which brings student concerns to faculty and administrators at both schools.

Hands-on Learning. The JD-MBA program provides many opportunities for students to apply their classroom education to the real world. The Small Business Opportunity Center, for example, enables student teams to give legal and strategic advice to small businesses in the Chicago area. Many students also take advantage of a summer course that allows them to get hands-on experience with the in-house legal department of a Chicago-area company.

The City of Chicago. With the Law School in downtown Chicago and Kellogg in the adjacent northern suburb of Evanston, students have a world of opportunity available to them. Chicago is the second largest financial center in the United States and headquarters to some of the nation's largest law firms, banks and securities, and futures brokerage firms. It is also a major transportation hub and a center for medicine and health care.
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