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Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker
Managing Director of Registration and Institutional Research

Rebecca Parker was nominated for leading the new Admissions application system implementation by Kate Smith, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. Rebecca led the implementation while also managing the responsibilities of her current role as Managing Director of Registration and Institutional Research.

According to Kate, Rebecca "has been an amazing partner, leader and manager and has been willing to roll her sleeves up with our team to make sure we deliver on the most important of our Admissions responsibilities to Kellogg."

Kate adds that Rebecca learned the application system extremely quickly and was able to step in during the midst of implementation and lead it through delivery.

Rebecca has been with Kellogg for over six years and says she has really enjoyed meeting people who care deeply about the work that they do and the impact they have. When asked about advice for other administrators, Rebecca recommends that they go outside of their own area, if the opportunity arises.

"You can see more of the big picture, learn best practices and have more empathy for what people in other parts of the organization are trying to accomplish, and why they do things the way they do,"she says.

Leading the Kellogg Way
KIS Exchange Migration Project Team
KIS Exchange Migration Project Team
Pictured from left to right: Jason Lynch, Matt Topolinski, Amanda Barlow, James Lequar, Dolores Voglesonger, Timothy Byrne, Faiza Riaz-Faisal
Not pictured: Bill Bacon, Bob Doyle, Steve Ewald, Gregory Hunt

The winner of the Leading the Kellogg Way Award is a team that every administrator has come into contact with over the past few months -- the KIS Exchange Migration Project Team.

Katie Dell, Business Systems Analyst, nominated the team that was tasked with planning, executing and supporting the recent email and voicemail migration. The project team, consisting of William Bacon, Amanda Barlow, Timothy Byrne, Bob Doyle, Steve Ewald, Gregory Hunt, James Lequar, Jason Lynch, Faiza Riaz-Faisal, Matt Topolinski, and Dolores Voglesonger, pulled off "Herculean efforts,"according to Katie.

She says, "The migration was well thought out and well received by the majority of Kellogg’s faculty and administration. The interruption to each individual was successfully minimized and the project was framed in a positive light."


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