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Winter 2014
  Driving brand and deepening engagement  
Tim Simonds

How can Kellogg continue to attract the best and brightest students, top faculty and administrators who share our values?

As Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer, Tim Simonds leads the team that is working to develop a brand strategy that enhances Kellogg’s reputation and ensures Kellogg’s place on the 2020 global short list of premier global business schools.

Understanding why students, corporations and faculty choose Kellogg and developing an overall brand strategy are all part of enhancing Kellogg’s reputation even further.

In 2013, Tim and his team focused on clarifying Kellogg’s brand strategy, building a best-in-class digital presence and adding key capabilities to the MarComm organization, ranging from social media engagement and brand management to special events.

"I am particularly proud of the progress in the digital arena," Tim says. "Our revamped website has led to strong growth in engagement and an increase in all digital metrics."

On social media, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Kellogg continues to improve engagement levels.  In 2014, the team will keep working to transform Kellogg’s online presence by creating a tailored experience that engages each audience in a meaningful way.

"This year, I’m looking forward to clarifying what Kellogg stands for with our stakeholders and, in particular, why prospective students should select Kellogg as their first choice," says Tim.

And what of the challenge of marketing a school traditionally known for marketing? Tim says he is happy to have so many top faculty and accomplished alumni at hand.

"I consider myself fortunate to have thought-leading faculty and alumni and dedicated administrators willing to help our efforts," he says.

Tim Simonds, Chief Marketing Officer

  Kellogg Headlines  

When Kellogg shares important news with the media, we want you to know too. Here are recent news releases from Kellogg:

  Employee Spotlight Leading the Kellogg Way  
  Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations!


  Rebecca Parker
Rebecca Parker was nominated for leading the new Admissions application system implementation by Kate Smith, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. Rebecca led the implementation while also managing the responsibilities of her current role as Managing Director of Registration and Institutional Research.

According to Kate, Rebecca "has been an amazing partner, leader and manager and has been willing to roll her sleeves up with our team to make sure we deliver on the most important of our Admissions responsibilities to Kellogg."

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The winner of the Leading the Kellogg Way Award is a team that every administrator has come into contact with over the past few months -- the KIS Exchange Migration Project Team. Katie Dell, Business Systems Analyst, nominated the team that was tasked with planning, executing and supporting the recent email and voicemail migration. The project team, consisting of William Bacon, Amanda Barlow, Timothy Byrne, Bob Doyle, Steve Ewald, Gregory Hunt, James Lequar, Jason Lynch, Faiza Riaz-Faisal, Matt Topolinski, and Dolores Voglesonger, pulled off “Herculean efforts,” according to Katie. She says, “The migration was well thought out and well received by the majority of Kellogg’s faculty and administration. The interruption to each individual was successfully minimized and the project was framed in a positive light.”

KIS Exchange Migration Project Team
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