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  A Message from Kellogg’s Senior Associate Dean of Faculty & Research  

What does the senior associate dean of faculty & research do?

For someone who is not a member of the Kellogg faculty – and even for some who are! – trying to understand the various types of faculty at Kellogg is no small task. To get an idea what the senior associate dean of faculty & research does, it might help to begin with a brief taxonomy of faculty in the school.

Faculty at Kellogg fall into two main categories: tenured and tenure-line, and non-tenure-line, with the latter including a variety of sub-categories: full-time and part-time clinical faculty, lecturers and adjunct professors. The principal difference between the two main categories is that, unlike the non-tenure-line faculty who are not expected to publish or engage in original research, tenured and tenure-line faculty members are hired both to teach and, importantly, to undertake and publish original research in their respective fields of expertise.

In addition to the preceding types, there are also visiting faculty who, for the most part, are tenured or tenure-line faculty visiting from other universities to teach or research or both. All of these various sorts of faculty members, along with the post-doctoral fellows and PhD students, fall within the domain of academic affairs. And it is with the research-oriented faculty that my responsibilities as the senior associate dean of faculty & research can be found. (Issues related to teaching fall within the domain of Senior Associate Dean of Curriculum & Teaching Mike Fishman.)

At present, there are 145 tenured or tenure-line faculty members at Kellogg, distributed across six academic departments; 138 PhD students in seven doctoral programs; and several visiting research faculty and post-doctoral scholars. My main responsibility is to make Kellogg the best possible environment for all of them to be at their most productive and to do their most creative research. Doing so involves hiring and retaining first-rate scholars, managing the promotion and tenure protocols, providing resources for a wide variety of research projects and conferences, and overseeing the recruitment of and curricula for doctoral students.

This litany of tasks is clearly more than one person can reasonably manage on his/her own — and I don’t! Much of the work involved with optimizing the research environment at Kellogg is undertaken by the faculty affairs, research support and doctoral program teams, along with the departments’ and centers’ support teams. And since almost everyone within Kellogg interacts in some way with the faculty, it takes all of us to help them be as good as they can be, to make Kellogg a thought leader and to foster an environment in which the very best academic minds wish to work and be inspired.


David Austen-Smith

David Austen-Smith
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty & Research

  Employee Spotlight Leading the Kellogg Way  
  Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations! Due to the high volume of nominations we received this quarter, we are pleased to highlight two Kellogg administrators.


  Adnan Rukieh


Adnan Rukieh is known as the “consummate team player,” according to Michael Malone, managing director of the Career Management Center (CMC), who nominated Adnan for the Employee Spotlight.
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Peggy Bradford

Peggy Bradford  

In less than a year, Peggy Bradford has proven to be a valuable addition to Kellogg Information Systems (KIS), according to the Client Architecture and Learning Environments (CALE) Team in KIS, who nominated Peggy for the Employee Spotlight.
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Kellogg Touch Cross-Functional Team

Kellogg Touch Cross-Functional Team
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Charged with identifying ways to enhance the visitor experience across Kellogg’s various campuses and facilities, the Kellogg Touch Cross-Functional Team is a great example of collaboration among administrators representing a range of departments and locations. The team sought to determine current gaps and propose potential solutions to delivering a high-quality visitor experience through extensive field research. This included interviews with administrators, students and alumni, among other stakeholders, as well as visits to brands known for championing positive visitor experiences.

Ultimately, the team prioritized and presented to the Senior Leadership Team recommendations aimed at ensuring a consistent, seamless and sincere visitor experience at Kellogg.

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  Upcoming Events Welcomes, Promotions & Transfers  

Winter 2013
Norris Ice Rink
Late morning – 11:00 p.m. when skating conditions are favorable
Norris University Center
Skate rental available at Norris Outdoors

January 29
Chicago New Employee Orientation, Part II
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Wieboldt Hall

January 30
Evanston New Employee Orientation, Part I
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Norris University Center

February 13
2013 Kellogg Energy Conference
12:45 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
James L. Allen Center
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New Administrators

Sarah Aylward
Marketing Manager
Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI)

Yara Bousaab
Program Assistant 3
Executive MBA- Miami

Hilary Butler
Program Assistant 4

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Promotions & Transfers

Michael Bates
Associate Director of Admissions, EMBA
Admissions & Financial Aid

Betsy Berger
Associate Director, Communications
Marketing & Communications

Felipe Briceno
Program Assistant 3

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The Northwestern Wildcats won their first bowl game since 1949,
with a 34-20 victory over Mississippi State in the 2013 Gator Bowl on January 1.
Jared Carpenter, Wildcat safety and an intern in Kellogg’s HR office, was named the
2013 Gator Bowl MVP after posting a game-high 10 tackles.

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