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Fall 2013

Building a Platform for Creating and Disseminating Knowledge

  Growing Kellogg’s reputation as a thought leader is a team effort and a critical component of our strategic plan.

As senior associate dean of strategic initiatives, I lead the efforts connected with Kellogg’s four strategic research initiatives. These initiatives are:

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    Kellogg Architectures of Collaboration Initiative (KACI)
  • Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI)
  • Kellogg Markets & Customers Initiative (KMCI)
  • Kellogg Public-Private Interface Initiative (KPPI)

Together with Kellogg’s six academic departments, the initiatives are a way for us to focus our efforts to disseminate knowledge at Kellogg. Over the past year, we launched three of the initiatives and now we’re getting KACI up and running. 

In a relatively short time, the strategic initiatives are proving to be a valuable tool within Kellogg. We’ve shaped the program offerings in Executive Education, added new courses for our MBA students and launched ten new businesses through KIEI’s Innovation Lab.

The reach of Kellogg’s thought leadership is broader than ever. We’ve convened high-impact discussions in influential forums. We’ve generated faculty research that is transforming business practices, including new work on the customer-focused enterprise, corporate social responsibility and health policy.

Here’s the latest on each of the initiatives:

Kellogg Architectures of Collaboration Initiative (KACI)
Brian Uzzi was recently named faculty director for KACI. Under his guidance, we’re generating knowledge in the areas of: Systems and Networks; Leadership, Values and Ethics; and Collaboration, Conflict and Communications.

Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI)
KIEI has enabled us to reorganize and reinvigorate our entrepreneurship curriculum with 10 new courses.  We’re also engaged in the 1871 Workspace in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, a co-working center for digital start-ups.

Kellogg Markets & Customers Initiative (KMCI)
As part of KMCI, we launched the Kellogg CMO Program, a new invitation-only executive education program that is enhancing the skills of high-level executives. In September, we hosted the Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, which focused discussion on “Leading the Customer-Centered Organization.”

Kellogg Public-Private Interface Initiative (KPPI)
Kellogg Public-Private Interface Initiative generated broad media coverage and attention about “The Purpose of the Corporation” through our partnership with the Aspen Institute to plan and host the Kellogg/Aspen Institute Business and Society Conference held this spring.

I encourage you to share your ideas for new opportunities to showcase Kellogg’s thought leadership. If you’d like to learn more about the work going on in each of these initiatives, please visit the Strategic Initiatives section of our website.


Thomas Hubbard
Senior Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives


Kellogg Headlines


When Kellogg shares important news with the media, we want you to know too. Here are recent news releases from Kellogg:

  Employee Spotlight Leading the Kellogg Way  
  Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations! Due to the high volume of nominations we received this quarter, we are pleased to highlight two Kellogg administrators.


  Joshua Miller


Joshua Miller is an “invaluable member” of the Kellogg team, according to John Dale, business analyst, who nominated him for his work with the Academic Departments on the deployment.
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Steve Peavler


Over the past 10 months,
Steve Peavler has led the end-to-end renovation process for the PTMBA programs office not once, but twice.
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The KIEI (Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative) cross-functional team had a big vision and brought it to life in a short time.  The creation of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Inspiration Days (SIEI Days) gives incoming students the opportunity to meet classmates who share their passion for social impact. With an expected attendance of 40 students at the first event in August, the team had to quickly jump into action when the response was overwhelmingly positive, with  100 students signing up (plus a waitlist).  This meant  a significantly more intensive and complex system to manage.

The KIEI Cross-Functional Team
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Nominate a Kellogg administrator or a Kellogg employee for the “Employee Spotlight” or
an administrative team for “Leading the Kellogg Way” for the winter 2014 issue of Kellogg@Work.
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Kellogg’s Veterans Day Reception
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Kellogg’s Veterans Day Keynote Address
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November 14
Groundbreaking on the new
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4:30 p.m.
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