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Summer 2012
A Message from Kellogg’s Associate Dean of Global Programs
  Paul Christensen

Did you know…

  • There are more than 7,500 Kellogg alumni living and working in over 100 countries outside the United States, with the largest concentrations in Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and the UK. 
  • Each year, 125 Kellogg students spend a quarter studying overseas at one of our 35 Exchange Program partner schools
  • Kellogg is the only business school that can claim to have a global network of five world-class Executive MBA programs.

The mission of the new Global Programs team is to ensure Kellogg’s place on the short list of elite global business schools. We aim to enhance the school’s visibility and reputation around the world by:

  • Providing students with world class global study opportunities (through programs like Exchange, Global Initiatives in Management and KWEST)
  • Strengthening and promoting the Kellogg Global Executive MBA Network with programs in Chicago, Miami, Toronto, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong
  • Expanding Kellogg’s footprint in emerging markets, such as China and Brazil, through new executive education programs and corporate conferences

With a small but growing team, Global Programs works closely with many departments across the school to fulfill our mission. Marketing and Communications helps us communicate with international stakeholders and build awareness in key global markets. Advancement is busy re-energizing our global alumni clubs and councils so they can serve as effective brand ambassadors. The Executive MBA Team is gearing up for Live-In Week in August, when students from across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East will come to campus to take part in a series of global elective courses. Executive Education will be hosting summer programs for our key international partner schools, including Peking University in Beijing and Fundação Dom Cabral outside of São Paulo. And Admissions is getting ready to embark on another round of international information sessions to attract the best students from around the world.

Clearly, ensuring Kellogg’s strong reputation around the world is a team effort. Each of us plays an important role, whether through interacting with students from another country, working with companies that do business overseas, or supporting faculty research and teaching that enhance our global reputation. We encourage you to share your ideas for new international opportunities here at Kellogg.


Paul Christensen

Paul Christensen
Associate Dean of Global Programs

  Employee Spotlight Leading the Kellogg Way  

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations! Due to the high volume of nominations we received this quarter, we are pleased to highlight two Kellogg administrators.

  Amanda  Granner

Amanda Granner

When Management & Organizations Lecturer Karen Cates stepped back into the classroom to teach her first MBA class in nine years, she credits Program Assistant Amanda Granner with being her “saving angel.” From helping Karen troubleshoot the online copy system to walking her through Blackboard, Amanda’s dedication, high performance and positivity have stood out.
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Liza Kirkpatrick  
Liza Kirkpatrick  

Amidst a period of transition for the Career Management Center (CMC), Liza Kirkpatrick has demonstrated tremendous professionalism and effective management, says Michael Malone, managing director of the CMC, who nominated Liza for the Employee Spotlight. As associate director of the CMC, Liza has been keenly focused on her team’s motivation and delivery.
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Members of the Kellogg NATO Planning Team

Pictured from left to right: Max Roque, Sarah Francis, Alana Stegich, Andrea Stoit, Dan McCrudden, Megan Krueger, Steve Peavler
Other team members included David Austen-Smith, Moha Bouacha, Paul Christensen, Adan Cruz, John Dale, Bob Doyle, Scott Hastings, Diane Janura, Arlene Johnson, Theresa Kleptach, Zach McManus, Mike Rice, Carol Rose, Beth Welter and Betsy Ziegler

When the City of Chicago hosted the NATO Summit in May, a cross-functional team at Kellogg participated in an extensive planning process to ensure the safety and security of Kellogg students, faculty and administrators. The team reflected collaboration across a range of Kellogg departments, including the Part-Time MBA Program, Wieboldt facilities, Jacobs Center facilities, Allen Center facilities and KIS.  

Collaborating closely with Northwestern University, the team made several key decisions early on in the planning process, including to move all classes that weekend from the Chicago to the Evanston campus. This required a number of logistical planning efforts around transportation, classroom availability and food service.
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  Upcoming Events Welcomes, Promotions & Transfers  

July 26
Faculty & Staff Blood Drive,
Sponsored by LifeSource

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Parkes Hall
1950 Chicago Ave.  
Evanston, IL

July 26
TGI Thursday for Administrators
3:30-5:00 p.m.
LSR Lounge
Jacobs Center

August 15
Summer Barbeque for Administrators
12:00-2:00 p.m.
Deering Meadow

August 30
TGI Thursday for Administrators
3:30-5:00 p.m.
LSR Lounge
Jacobs Center

New Administrators

Michael Anderson
Program Assistant 2
Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences

Connie Bassin
Program Assistant 3 (Weekends)
Executive MBA – Evanston

Promotions & Transfers

Michael Ideus
Systems Analyst/Programmer
Kellogg Information Systems

Caitlin Killmer
Program Assistant 2
Global Programs

Full List

To learn more about career opportunities at Kellogg, please visit Office of Human Resources.


Kellogg will host its first-ever red carpet event in the fall to celebrate and reward administrators (like you!) who have made significant and exceptional contributions to the school.
Stay tuned for more details …


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