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  A Message from Kellogg’s Associate Dean of Corporate Partnerships  

Many people stop and ask me: What does “Corporate Partnerships” mean at Kellogg?

Corporate Partnerships is a new department, and part of Kellogg’s broader External Relations team. Many of our current team members come from Corporate Relations, a group formerly housed in the Office of Advancement. Some of our responsibilities still involve fundraising, but a bigger portion of our efforts are devoted to developing and strengthening relationships with corporations.

In a nutshell, our goal is to engage with organizations on a deep and broad level. For example, we work with companies that hire Kellogg students to see if they have Executive Education needs. And we reach out to firms that support Kellogg to see if they would like to provide a speaker for a student conference.

Corporate Partnerships is the “hub of the wheel” for company contact with the school. In essence, we serve as integrators of sorts — efficiently connecting companies to the right area of the school and tracking all touch points to ensure coordinated, streamlined and successful interaction with our partners.

We also welcome and thank guests who visit campus. In the last year, with our active outreach to students, faculty and administrators via the speaker notice system, we’ve been able to develop a comprehensive database of campus visitors. Now, anyone within Kellogg can contact us to find out the history of visits by individuals or organizations, including details such as when they visited Kellogg and the purpose of their visits.

We are partnering with corporations, but also with all of you! We need your help: You are part of the team, and only through our collective efforts can we ensure that outside partners have the best possible experience with Kellogg. Together, we can grow our partnerships and help Kellogg become the global educational leader that Dean Blount has envisioned.


Roxanne Hori          

Roxanne Hori
Associate Dean of Corporate Partnerships

  Employee Spotlight Leading the Kellogg Way  
  Among a team of “stellar” Executive Education program managers, Gina Green stands out, says Department Assistant Denita Linnertz, who nominated Gina for the Employee Spotlight.

“Gina is untiringly professional, excellent at relating to Executive Education students and the professors teaching in the programs, and has an amazing ability to gracefully roll with any punches thrown her way,” Denita says. “Through it all, she allows her quirky personality to shine. She is a great asset to Kellogg and is everything we hope to represent to the student executives who walk through the doors of the Allen Center.”

Gina says she loves her work, and that her positive attitude reflects the enjoyment she feels every day. “Of all the jobs I’ve ever had, this one is so ideally suited to me,” says Gina. “I get to use my people skills and my organizational skills. I get to be creative and I can work as far ahead as I want to. It’s just the perfect job for me. I can’t help it — I love it!”

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Kellogg Information Systems Team
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When a KIS team member recently suffered a health issue at work, his colleagues were there to care for him. Together they alerted 911, obtained emergency contact information from HR and guided paramedics into the building. His direct supervisor went above the call-of-duty and followed him to the hospital to ensure he was taken care of, and then drove him home afterward.

“One of the great things about working in KIS is that we all trust each other to respond very quickly to emergencies,” said Danny Rebac, manager of client architecture and learning environments in KIS. “We’re a flexible group, and when situations like this happen, we go right into triage mode. It was a true team that stepped up.”

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  Upcoming Events Welcomes & Promotions  

May 11
Dearborn Observatory Public Observing
9:00 - 11:00 p.m.
Dearborn Observatory
2131 Tech Drive
Evanston, IL

May 18-19
Kellogg Greater China Business Conference
James L. Allen Center
Evanston, IL

June 15
Full-Time, Part-Time MBA and PhD Convocation
5:00 p.m.
Ryan Field
1501 Central Street
Evanston, IL


New Administrators
Anne Marie Bonness
Associate Director, Advertising and Direct Marketing
Kendra Busse
Administrative Assistant 2
Michael Chambers
User Support Specialist, Associate
Christine Feary
Associate Director, Annual Giving
Jennifer Mayer
Program Assistant 3
Daniel McCrudden
Director, Facilities Administration

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Please join us in congratulating Arlene Johnson from Executive Education and
Zach McHenry from KIS, who have been selected as finalists for NU Employee of the Year.
Kellogg’s Got Talent

Kellogg’s hidden talents were showcased at
“Kellogg’s Got Talent” on March 22.
Kellogg’s Got Talent
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