Case Studies on Operations Strategy

(Faculty members can contact me for more information on adopting the case.)

Cases included in my book Operations Strategy: Practices and Principles (but also available separately):

  1. The Swiss Watch Industry
  2. FedEx v. UPS
  3. Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd.
  4. Timing of IT expansions
  5. Strategic network flexibility using FlexCap (courtesy of Professor Stepen Graves)
  6. Mexico or China? Managing a global network
  7. Bose 301SE: Sourcing and contracting
  8. Dell Computer
  9. Quantum-Seagate: Competing on Innovation (joint work with Professor Glenn Schmidt)
  10. Harley-Davidson Motor Company (topic: Capacity Strategy)
  11. Seagate Technoloy (topic: Operational Hedging)
  12. Peapod (topic: Mass customized service using bricks and clicks)

Other cases:

  1. A Worldwide Capacity Planning System: Architecture and Example.  Teaching document.  Stanford 1994.
  2. Computer System Design and Development at MasPar.  Case on product development.  Stanford 1994.
  3. Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  Case on capacity expansion.  Kellogg 1998.
  4. Seagate Technologies: Operational Hedging.  Case on capacity hedging strategies.  Kellogg 1998.
  5.  Case on Internet startup in operations, supplier and distribution management.  Kellogg 2000.
  6. Seagate-Quantum: Encroachment Strategies.  Case on product introduction.  Kellogg-McDonough 2000.
  7. Pizza Pazza. Case on bottlenecks and responsiveness. Kellogg 2001.
  8. Palu Gear. Case on inventory management and centralization. Kellogg 2001.
  9.  Case on operational strategies in grocery industry.  Kellogg 2001.
  10. Bose 301SE: coordinating sourcing via contracts. Case on contracting in the supply chain. Kellogg 2001.
  11. Hammoud Hosptial.  Case on service operations.  Kellogg 2003.
  12. The Swiss Watch Industry. Case on operations strategy. Kellogg 2004.
  13. Memphis Auto Auction.  Case on quality incentives. Kellogg 2004.
  14. My book Operations Strategy: Principles and Practice contains 8 new mini-cases. 2008.
  15. Mexico-China: Global Dual Sourcing Supply Chain game.  With Gad Allon. 2009.
  16. Lean Transformation at Global Connect. With Gad Allon. 2010.
  17. HP: Variety Management. With Gad Allon. 2010.
  18. Mercon Coffee Case.  With Achal Bassamboo. 2010.

Contact me for copies or information.

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