Download Course Files: Financial Decisions

Professor Timothy A. Thompson

Case Exhibits for Selected Cases

Some of the cases we will be doing have information from the case exhibits input into spreadsheets. This can save you some time in developing your own spreadsheets for the cases. These spreadsheets are mostly in .XLS or .XLW (EXCEL) format. A couple are in .WK1 (Old LOTUS) format, but can generally be read into newer versions of EXCEL. There are two spreadsheets which are used for simple option valuation: BS.WK1 (Black Scholes) and WARRVAL.WK1 (Warrant adjustments to Black Scholes). These are old-fashioned Black-Scholes calculation programs which are useful in the cases from Chrysler on. There are fancier option pricing spreadsheets available on Bob McDonald’s web pages --- see the reference on the main Financial Decisions page --- which may be used but are not necessary for this class.  There are case exhibit files below for many cases we are not covering in financial decisions this term, but which have been used in the past. 

Each file can be downloaded when needed, or you can get them all in one zip file here.

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Last Revised: February 15, 2008