Simulation Assignment

This customized computer change simulation is designed to enable you to hone your change diagnosis and change management skills while designing and leading a change effort. Through this simulation experience, you will get a hands-on experience in managing the emotional aspects of change and further familiarize yourself with the best practices in change management. The simulation will provide a risk-free decision-making practice allowing for maximum learning with limited real-world consequences (please note that your performance in the simulation is graded). The simulation will place you in the role of a consulting team to a fictional company which faces a desperate need for change. With limited time and budget you must quickly identify the issues, create a change plan, and implement your plan in the face of company wide resistance. Following the simulation, you will have on-going access to the program and its online decision-support tools. These tools can be very effective in advancing real-world change initiatives and are expected to help you with your group’s final written project.

This assignment has three parts:
  1. Prepare for the simulation
  2. Participate in the simulation in teams
  3. Write a report evaluating your experience in the simulation

The simulation will take place on a saturday and is an integral part of the class. On the morning of the simulation you will be assigned to a group of about 5 students that will work together as a consulting team to complete the simulation. Your grade on the simulation will be based on your preparation for the simulation, your ability to successfully apply the models learned in class during the simulation, and on the quality of your evaluative report.