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Selected Media Coverage

New York Times, First-generation students unite. April 8, 2015

Huffington Post, To take on the empowerment gap, we need to change the narrative of education. June 9, 2014

Reuters, A one-hour class could cut the college dropout rate. February 24, 2014

Inside Higher Education, An hour makes a difference. February 17, 2014

Huffington Post, What's a GPA? When college campus is a strange land. January 15, 2014

Philly.com, Reacting to the poor - negatively. August 6, 2013

NBC News, Storm psychology: Why do some people stay behind? August 30, 2012

Washington Post, Is college too much me, too little us? April 26, 2012

New York Times, Focus on independence may hamper first-generation students once on campus. March 12, 2012

Inside Higher Education, Me or we. March 1, 2012

MSNBC, Women doing all the right things, still lag men in business. October 17, 2011

Huffington Post, Working moms: Work-life balance affected by language use, Kellogg study finds, August 30, 2011

Journal and Courier, Why some stay at home mothers choose to opt-out of the workplace, August 14, 2011

Financial Times, Something for the weekend, July 29, 2011

AOL.com (AOL Jobs), Stay-at-Home moms, you may believe you left the workforce by choice, but did you?, July 29, 2011

PsychCentral, Societal barriers push women out of workforce, July 29, 2011

Asian News International, Why women ‘opt out’ of the workforce, July 28, 2011

Huffington Post, The dark side of choice in America, July 4, 2011

Smartmoney.com, Does choice make us selfish?, May 27, 2011

Discover Magazine, Not my concern: how choice can make us more selfish, May 7, 2011

The Mint, Stories of choice in India and the U.S., May 4, 2011

Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles wildfires: Survey of disaster survivors reveals why some stay, September 8, 2009

Los Angeles Times, Why do some people ignore evacuation orders? September 5, 2009

Miller-McCune, How could they have stayed behind? August 28, 2009

Stanford Social Innovation Review, Why they stayed, Fall 2009

New York Times Magazine, Is freedom just another word for many things to buy? February 26, 2006