Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences


Jörg L. SpenkuchSpenkuch
Associate Professor of Mangerial Economics and Decision Sciences


Contact Information:

Phone: 847.467.0921

MEDS Department
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
2211 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208

[Curriculum Vitae]



"Elite Influence? Religion and the Electoral Success of the Nazis" (with P. Tillmann) [Appendix]
American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming.

"Self-Selection and Comparative Advantage in Social Interactions" (with S. Cicala and R. Fryer) [Appendix]
Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming.

"Religion and Work: Micro Evidence from Contemporary Germany" [Appendix]
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 135 (March 2017): 193–214.

"The Manipulation of Children's Preferences, Old Age Support, and ..." (with G. Becker and K. Murphy)
Journal of Labor Economics, 34 (April 2016): S3

"Intergenerational Mobility and Income Inequality"
in Inequality and Economic Policy: Essays in Memory of Gary Becker. Stanford, CA: Hoover Press, 2015.

"Please Don't Vote for Me: Voting in a Natural Experiment with Perverse Incentives" [Appendix]
Economic Journal, 125 (June 2015): 1025

"Understanding the Impact of Immigration on Crime[Appendix]
American Law and Economics Review, 16 (Spring 2014): 177

"Racial Disparities in Job Finding and Offered Wages" (with R. Fryer and D. Pager)
Journal of Law and Economics, 56 (August 2013): 633

"The Plight of Mixed-Race Adolescents" (with R. Fryer, L. Kahn, and S. Levitt) [Appendix]
Review of Economics and Statistics, 94 (August 2012): 621–634.

"Moral Hazard and Selection Among the Poor: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment" [Appendix]
Journal of Health Economics, 31 (January 2012): 72–85.


Working Papers:

"Quid Pro Quo? Corporate Returns to Campaign Contributions" (with A. Fowler and H. Garro)

"Ecological Inference with Instrumental Variables"

"Political Advertising and Election Outcomes" (with D. Toniatti)

"A Theory of Intergenerational Mobility" (with G. Becker, S. Kominers, and K. Murphy)

"Backward Induction in the Wild? Evidence from Sequential Voting in the U.S. Senate" (with D. Magleby and P. Montagnes)

"Expressive vs. Pivotal Voters: An Empirical Assessment



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