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Miscellaneous Stuff

Congratulations on finding this rarely updated pile of miscellaneous stuff. You may instead be looking for my research page, in which case you should leave this place. Regardless, feel free to waste time below.

I have some WinEdt customizations. If you use that editor, check them out. The last time I updated these was when WinEdt 8 was the current version.

In 1994, the Society for Social Choice and Welfare held its conference in Rochester. I recently dug up the original program! I am on page 6. If you like (ancient) history, check it out.

On a trip to Hungary, a few of us visited the Lutheran Gymnasium, where some famous economists spent their youths. For the first few days after Roger Myerson won the Nobel prize, the first image you'll see on that page was the top Google image search result if you searched for "Roger Myerson". Famous by association. (It has since dropped considerably in the rankings.)

Here's a picture of a statue. That guy looks like he's from ancient times. Condorcet looks a bit better.

A geyser with a great name.

Good food. Even better food.

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