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ttools (A): The Value of a Patent to the Entrepreneur


A self-employed innovator developed and patented a novel combination pen and stylus device to complement the recently released Palm Pilot personal digital assistant. He presented his design to Palm under a Non-Disclosure Agreement to discuss the market response to the product, and ttools was allowed to advertise the device in a monthly email to Palm customers. Subsequent to ttools' release of the Throttle pen/stylus, Palm and the design firm IDEO introduced a similar pen/stylus device that appeared to infringe on ttools' patent. ttools, being a small, resource-constrained company, was in a precarious position. Its competitive advantage and rights as a patent holder were being threatened. It had few financial resources to draw upon, and thus, its livelihood as a company was at stake. The case investigates the options ttools had available to respond to Palm and IDEO's actions.




James Gerard Conley, Feng Qu, Geoff Nudd, Cooper Marcus

Date Published


Conley, Gerard James, Feng Qu, Geoff Nudd, and Cooper Marcus. ttools (A): The Value of a Patent to the Entrepreneur. Case 5-306-509(A) (KEL279).


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