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Experiments on compound risk in relation to simple risk and to ambiguity (with Mohammed Abdellaoui and Laetitia Placido), Management Science, forthcoming. Web Appendix  Data


A Theory of (De)centralization (with Michel Poitevin), Revised April 2013.


Polarization and Ambiguity (with Sandeep Baliga and Eran Hanany), January 2013. This is the extended working paper version of our American Economic Review paper of the same title. The working paper provides a full treatment of the multi-signal case, while the publication limits attention to a single signal for ease of exposition.


Relating Preference Symmetry Axioms (with Sujoy Mukerji and Kyoungwon Seo), August 2012.


On the Smooth Ambiguity Model: A Reply (with Massimo Marinacci and Sujoy Mukerji), Econometrica 80(3) (May, 2012), pp. 1303-1321. (An IGIER working paper version including an extra appendix referred to in the published version may be found here.)

Contracting, Directed Parts, and Complexity in Automotive Outsourcing Decisions (with Sharon Novak), January 2003.

Uncertainty, decision, and normal form games, May 1992 (Revised July 1996).


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